10 Characteristics of the Best Hypnotherapy Apps

Many people learn about hypnosis from movies or TV shows, and in most cases, nearly all of those portrayals of hypnosis are misleading. Especially, when the hypnotist begins to swing a pocket watch and the subject suddenly falls asleep or unconscious, and becomes like a puppet of the hypnotist.

As we are all led to believe, during hypnosis, the patient is not asleep, which means that the patient is both awake and conscious during the process. Patients who are under hypnosis are still in control of their own selves and will not do anything that is against their will. According to scientific studies, a person doesn’t realize that they have been under hypnosis for at least two times per day in certain circumstances.

Such “automatic self-hypnosis” can occur during routine activities like driving a car or even working. In fact, the most effective people and peak performers utilize hypnotic states (flow states) to efficiently perform.

In this article, we will be talking about Hypnosis in the context of using hypnotherapy applications.

Hypnosis is the state of which the human mind reaches its intensified concentration and is more receptive to suggestion. Hypnosis is achieved with the use of verbal repetitions that are soothing to the ear and also with the use of mental images; this process allows the patient to become completely relaxed and makes the mind able to receive messages clearly.

This process also helps a patient to cope with different emotional problems like anxiety, stress, fatigue, pain, insomnia, and other common issues.

It is important for the person who is under hypnosis to achieve that clear state of mind so as to completely accept the positive suggestions given which will be an effective way to get the mind to absorb and incorporate into their lives which may lead to psychological and behavioral changes.

Listed below are the basic principles of hypnosis

  1. The classification of hypnosis is that it is a form of science that is under psychology and that hypnotism has a psychological effect that battles its causes.
  2. It is in the interpretation that this form of the psychological process becomes indispensable and how another process of hypnotism is interpreted will depend solely on the hypnotist.
  3. The practice is the actual application of the theories that are formulated with regards to hypnotism, which makes more people become more interested in this area as it is beneficial for them.

Hypnotherapy is often called an alternative medicine which puts the human mind into a relaxed state that helps in battling stress and trying to break from bad habits. During the process of hypnotherapy, the patient is given positive suggestions as a form of relaxing therapy so as to avoid such habits like drugs, alcohol, over-eating, nail-biting, smoking and other addictive behaviors.

A hypnotherapist guides the patient into the state of complete focus to achieve concentration which can help the patient to completely focus their attention inward and try to dig deep into them to somehow realign their way of life. Hypnotherapy is commonly used together with other forms of medicine, and psychological treatment. This process is very helpful in averting phobias, stress, anxiety, drug and alcohol abuse, and other health-related issues. Doctors also use hypnotherapy to help patients in coping with pain and other forms of fear with the medical field. Some dentists also use hypnotherapy to ease the fear of patients who are afraid to get their teeth cleaned or have oral surgery done.

The top 10 characteristics of a great hypnotherapy app

  1. Most good hypnosis apps let you choose your own session that best fits your personality and there’s no need to book an appointment with any hypnotherapist or do lengthy sessions.
  2. It also helps people to focus on what they want to achieve and give priority to the problems that they want to become less.
  3. The app provides a wide choice of treatments that can be helpful in dealing with weight problems, insomnia, stress, anxiety, and self-esteem.
  4. These apps also allow you to choose the language you are most comfortable with so that all messages are properly transmitted into the mind of the patient
  5. Sessions can be done right in the comfort of your own home, which means no need to travel to the therapists’ office.
  6. The timing of the sessions is usually 30 minutes long so it can be squeezed in between activities or before heading out to work.
  7. These apps are designed beautifully and easy to understand so as to encourage listeners to do more sessions.
  8. In-app purchases of other sessions are relatively cheaper than going to the actual therapist which will cost more.
  9. These apps are free for download, only pay for those additional in-app purchases that will unlock other session types.
  10. Multiple types of sessions that will be encouraging to every person who has different situations in their daily lives.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that the body is greatly affected by our thoughts that it can regulate and alter the way we are feeling.

Each person has complete control of their thoughts which simply means that we can also control the feelings in our body. If ever we will have that certain feeling of feeling down and not feeling well, during these situations, hypnotherapy can help us to bring our thoughts into normal balance again.

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