Apps to Experience Common Hypnotherapy Topics

Hypnosis a word has numerous definitions. In this article, we are going to cover the use of hypnosis apps. The most important thing is to understand what hypnosis means and what it entails.


Have you ever been engrossed in a book? Be it your best storybook or best selling novel until you are like no longer in this world you do not feel any ongoings of the real world? I am sure you have. That is just a rough idea of what hypnosis is.

According to the Cambridge dictionary, hypnosis is a mental state that sleep is like, in which the thoughts of a person can be easily influenced by someone else or an external factor.

It is an artificially generated state of the brain and the mind almost alike to sleep in which a person can be influenced to say or do things they are not fully aware of them.

Still trying to explain what hypnosis is, we can say it is a trance-like state of a consciousness that is altered and it resembles sleep and it is induced by an individual whose attention is focused to a heightened level of responsiveness to suggestions and commands.

This state is highly characterized by :

  • Focusing on attention
  • Suspension of disbelief
  • Increased responsiveness to suggestions and commands

Hypnosis is wide and has various principles that have erupted a lot of debate.

The question is: What are some of the basic principles of Hypnosis?


It is sometimes hard to explain how electricity works to light a bulb , but using it might be the best explanation. Same to hypnosis, we know it works and sometimes we wonder how.

The principles include;


Collaboration is all about willingness and readiness.

One should check on getting a sense of feeling anxious about being hypnotized, watching for signs of tension and the language of the body and being sure not to put themselves in a position that can cause an increase in anxiety.

One should build confidence by eliminating negative thoughts. Build confidence and trust.
Collaboration is a very crucial principle of hypnosis where a person is ready and may not fall to hypnosis but go on with fun.


Forced cognition is an underlying principle of hypnosis that works on a principle that states, when you say something the principle will think about it

if for example today somebody tells you not to think about your newly bought car automatically you will start thinking about it. Thinking about not thinking about your car is itself thinking

Forced cognition can help showing they may feel heavy or telling them when to wake up. This is the root of suggestion


Thinking about something is the first step to doing it. Think about hitting someone who annoyed you and you may involuntarily form a fist with your fingers. In hypnosis, this principle can be used to convince someone that the power is with them. Example telling them to relax for they have the power


It is common that a confident persuader creates confidence in the people persuaded. Confidence is strong self-esteem. One should have confidence in themselves and about what they are doing


When practicing hypnosis there can be very many distractions from the main event. Utilization can make the hypnotist seem very powerful.


Hypnosis is helpful in application format like an iOS hypnosis app since it is considered an aid to psychotherapy. When hypnosis is in an application form it can be divided into various needs to suit what one wants. Different hypnosis applications serve different individual needs. The applications allow people to explore painful thoughts

or feelings hidden from their conscious minds.


There are numerous hypnosis applications currently addressing the following topics:

Sleep Hypnosis – Helps one reduce anxiety during sleep time to have a perfect sleeping experience

Stress Relief Hypnosis – Easily get mild stress relief

Harmony – Helps one to meditate and get relaxed in a simple way

Quit Smoking Hypnosis – Learn how to reduce cigarette usage.

Mindset Change – Change the way we use our minds as well as overcome anxiety.

It is evident that hypnosis is very useful in application format as it serves to resolve numerous issues affecting people.

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