Can You Listen To Hypnosis While Working?

Hypnosis can be a valuable tool for self-improvement and transformation. It works with our subconscious mind and is commonly seen as a functional therapeutic approach that is able to achieve results in some areas more effectively than other therapies.

Our mind has a tendency to run around frantically and jump from one thing to another, but with a little effort we can train it lovingly like a puppy that just hasn’t figured out how to behave in the house yet. Hypnosis works through repetition, the idea is in building new patterns and pathways in our mind with time and continuous focus on certain thoughts.

How Does It Work?

We all go in and out of hypnotic stages throughout our daily lives. Driving can feel almost mechanical to anyone who’s been doing it for a while. This is an example of how we enter into hypnosis where we are conscious but operate on the subconscious level that takes on the responsibility for the required chore. We experience similar mind states when we read, walk, play an instrument, watch a film, or use a computer.

By adding messages that are aimed at helping you achieve a goal such as quitting smoking, becoming more confident and assertive, overcoming phobias, to a hypnotherapy audio recording, we receive this information while we are in a state of high suggestibility. Our subconscious mind is more receptive to the messages because our conscious mind isn’t putting up those analytical barriers.

Depending on what your job entails, you could be listening to an Android or iPhone hypnosis app while you work. You would have to be very careful in deliberating whether it would be a distracting factor for you. It is not advisable to use hypnosis during work if you are operating heavy machinery or when driving long distances.

Is It Effective?

Repetition is the key to learning and that key opens the door to our subconscious mind. Everything we know we are taught through repetition and hypnotherapy is based on that fundamental principle. The most efficient way to use hypnosis audio recordings is by playing them frequently.

Making hypnotherapy sessions a part of your daily routine by listening to the messages continually throughout the course of the day will help you achieve the desired outcome. Whether it is during a coffee break, on the commute or before bed, the more often you can commit your time to it the more powerful the results will be.

What Happens If You Fall Asleep During Hypnosis?

There is a debate about the effectiveness of hypnosis during sleep. Although our brain never shuts down 100% and there is always a part that stays alert, the question remains on how much information it can process in its sleep.

Some hypnotherapists argue that being in a relaxed or hypnotic state is when our minds receive the messages successfully, while others think that our subconscious mind still records suggestions while we sleep.

Hypnosis can make some people feel sleepy, so it has the potential to cause distractions at work. However, some therapists consider falling asleep during a hypnosis session to be evidential of sleep deprivation. So if you constantly fall asleep while listening to hypnotherapy recordings you should be getting more sleep regularly. Some use hypnosis specifically to treat insomnia and sleep disturbances.

The Problem Of Free Will

A common misconception is that the person going into a hypnotic state has no will of their own. This shows a lack of understanding of what hypnosis actually is. It is a relaxed state that we can enter where our conscious mind just takes the back seat and is not busy calculating and analyzing all the little details. Our subconscious mind, which is open to and imaginative of all the possibilities, takes the wheel for now. Our guard is down and we are able to receive and accept the information without filtering out too much as if we were children again.

At the same time, we are conscious; we have will power and can exit the hypnotic state freely. The way hypnosis works is not by taking over your mind and forcing you to do something against your will, but by opening you up to focus on a certain idea while ignoring most other things around you. Hypnotherapy is most effective when you can give yourself time and space to listen to it without being distracted by anything else. Try to be fully present when you enter a hypnosis session.

Hypnosis works best when repeated frequently, so be sure to play your recordings a few times every day to achieve the desired results. The more you commit, the faster you can see real changes. It is possible to listen to hypnotherapy sessions while you work however whether or not you want to do that is your decision, based on your personal assessment of your situation.

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