Do hypnosis apps work for weight loss?

Hypnosis is one of those things that would belong in an eerie sci-fi movie about mind control or associated in most people’s minds. It is a practice that some perceive to be pseudoscience along with fields like astrology or homeopathy. However, in a society that is currently obsessed with fitness and weight loss, you would expect to find the most bizarre methods for weight loss. So, it is not entirely surprising that hypnosis is being used for weight loss.

Though it is almost unheard of in mainstream discussions about dieting and fitness, hypnosis has quietly grown to be an effective weight loss tool for some people. It has garnered such popularity that there are even hypnosis apps for weight loss. So the big question is, do hypnosis apps work for weight loss?

How does it work?

Hypnosis is a method of mind control where subjects enter a deeper level of consciousness, to the point that they can be manipulated into doing certain things. It does sound a lot scarier than it is but, hypnosis is a widely used for method in modern psychiatry. Hypnosis has helped people deal with serious things like depression and anxiety.

For weight loss, it is meant to overhaul your mindset and breaking self-destructive thought patterns. Hypnosis helps people to pay more attention to what their body needs. It’s meant to help you be more aware of your thought patterns, eating, and exercise habits.

A secondary way that hypnosis works for weight loss is by helping people with their stress or anxiety. As is widely known, prolonged stress levels release the hormone cortisol which encourages your body to hold on to stubborn fat. By lowering stress, you are unknowingly moving closer to your weight loss goals!

Any athlete or fitness enthusiast knows that training your mind is just as important if not more, than training your body. So, can hypnosis apps work for weight loss? If it helps you reframe your mindset, they most definitely can.

Does it work for everyone?

Hypnosis is a softer and more gradual approach to weight loss. So, don’t expect to see the before and after results of grulling fitness programs you see on TV. It is for people who want to try a more gradual and long-term weight loss approach.

Your personality type would also influence the effectiveness of hypnosis for weight loss. Hypnosis works well for people who can get ngrossed’ easily. They can spend hours daydreaming, get lost easily in their favorite books or films. However, if you are the type of person who’s convinced that hypnosis is pseudoscience and won’t work, it most likely won’t!

Does it work as an app?

There are numerous good hypnotherapy apps targeted at people who want to lose weight. Research during the 1990s done on hypnotic studies showed great potential for using hypnosis as a weight loss tool. Findings showed that patients who had practiced self-hypnosis lost more weight and maintained their weight loss for longer than those who didn’t. One of the initial studies done in 1986 showed that women who followed hypnosis for weight loss lost 17 pounds compared 0.5 pounds for those who didn’t.

A more recent study done in 2014 concluded that women who used hypnosis as a weight loss tool improved their weight, had better eating habits and a healthier body image.

A study done in 2013 showed that most people use hypnosis apps for weight loss. However, they also found that a significant number of hypnosis apps were not based on empirical evidence and were designed by people who were not experienced hypnotherapists. So, it is important to find apps that are designed by qualified professionals and widely tested among clients.

The verdict

So back to the initial question, do hypnosis apps work for weight loss? Most of the evidence for the effectiveness of hypnosis apps for weight loss is anecdotal and not empirical. However, apps are an incredibly accessible and affordable tool for clients struggling for weight loss. Some apps also offer very useful hypnosis features for free.

If you have tried every diet out there and nothing seems to work, you’ve got nothing to lose by trying an app (except weight!).

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