How effective is hypnosis?

In 1958, the American Medical Society formally approved hypnosis as a formal therapy method for treating various problems like substance abuse, anxiety, pain, weight loss and problems. Many people who have undergone trauma in the past or are addicted to substance, and suffer due to it are often told that hypnosis may help them recover from the trauma, addiction and lead a normal life.

After hypnotherapy was approved, extensive research has carried out to find out how effective hypnosis is in treating the various problems. The research has been carried out on a large number of people who have undergone hypnosis. Usually, a person will have to undergo a number of hypnosis sessions before any kind of improvement will be noticed in the person. The effectiveness varies depending on the number of sessions with the hypnotist. It is observed that if a person has only one to three sessions, the effectiveness varies between 17 to 50 percent. If the number of sessions increases to more than five, the effectiveness increases to more 90% in many cases.

Another factor which determines how effective hypnosis will be is the thought process of the individual. Some people like experienced engineers are extremely rational and analytical, they will question anything they are being told and ask for proof. Other people are easier to convince they will blindly believe what they are told, especially if it is told by a person who they respect, of high status or feel is socially superior to them. These people are not analytical are easier to hypnotize so that they can forget their pain, anxiety and past problems.

A third factor which determines whether hypnosis will have the desired effect is the suggestibility of the person. A person who is suggestible is more inclined to accept ideas and information which is suggested to him, though these suggestions may be incorrect. The person may also act on these suggestions. Individuals who experiencing intense emotions like stress, anxiety, information denial or anger are more likely to be suggestible, since any input acts like a trigger. In these cases, the hypnotists will be able to convince the person faster.

Like in most other activities, the attitude of the person will determine whether hypnosis affects the person. If the person wishes to be hypnotized thinking that it will genuinely help in solving their anxiety, pain, trauma or other problems, he is more likely to find that undergoing the sessions will help. The person should also be comfortable undergoing hypnosis, or the discomfort will detract from the effect. The experience, skills and training of the hypnotherapist or hypnotist also determines whether the patient’s condition improves. The hypnotist should be able to accurately gauge the thought process, suggestibility and comfort level of the patient, and provide therapy accordingly.

A person can undergo hypnotherapy alone from hypnotist or participate in the group sessions conducted by hypnotists. It is also possible for a person to hypnotize himself, using tools and methods, and this is called self hypnosis. There are some really good hypnosis downloads on the market place and some of the best hypnosis apps are really starting to get attention in the app stores.

Studies have indicated that group hypnosis and self hypnosis are not very effective for treating problems and the success rate is usually less than 10 percent in most cases. On the other hand, it is found that individual sessions with a trained and experienced therapist can greatly help the person, with the success rate being far higher after multiple sessions.

A person can be hypnotized by hearing sounds or by watching videos or images in person. It is found that audio hypnosis methods have different outcomes, in some cases, continual sessions will be required. In comparison video hypnosis is extremely effective in hypnotizing some people, only a few sessions are required. This might be because the visual learning process in humans is faster than the auditory learning in most humans. There are many apps which offer videos for hypnosis conveniently online. These apps can be downloaded on smartphones and other gadgets, and the user can watch hypnosis videos whenever one wishes to improve the quality of his or her life .

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