How long do the effects of hypnosis last?

Hypnosis can help relieve pains, hot flashes, and aleviate mental and emotional problems. Hypnotherapy is normally conducted by a trained medical healthcare professional and it is considered safe to be used as either an alternative or complementary medicine.

When preparing to undergo hypnosis, what you wear does not really matter. All you need to do is to be relaxed and receptive to the experience. For many, breathing intervals are an important technique to use in order to stay relaxed. The length and intensity of the hypnotic session depends on the attitude, mindset, and content being addressed.

Pain management

The type of pain experienced greatly determine how long the effects of hypnotic suggestion will last. A person undergoing mild pain might last a longer time period in a hypnotized state which could take a matter of days. In the case of significant pain (which should always be presented to a medical doctor) hypnotic suggestion might last up to two days after which the person will relapse to their normal state and feel the same degree of pain.

That’s not enough though, how the person feels about the kind of pain also determine the time taken in the hypnotic state. If you feel that the pain being experienced is so intense that it is timelessis then it can seem like the pain will last forever. The subjective nature of one’s mindset and attitude clearly affect the perception of the duration of pain. Hypnotherapists have determined that ideas which are entertained in the conscious mind end up being programmed in the subconscious mind.


Age can be a great determinant of the time one takes in a hypnotic state. For one to undergo hypnotherapy a person typically needs to do of their own free will. This means that one cannot exactly be forced to undergo this procedure, but people can be gradually guided into hypnotic states once they perceive that they are safe and the final outcome does not conflict with the prime directives of the unconscious mind. There is a degree of rationality and critical thinking that comes with maturity and age.

Type of behavior intended

There is no doubt we are conditioned by our paradigm to believe some things in life are true while others are not. The body is the experiential, sensing instrument of the mind and hypnosis can be used to deceive your physical and psychological experiences.

The lasting effects of hypnosis in many ways are defined by how much incongruency there is in one’s environment. For example, in the case of seasonal affective disorder in which people experience nature-based depressive states, one can be hypnotized to care less about the bleak environment. But, over time, the consistency of the environment will overpower the hypnotic suggestions.

The ruling mental state

Anxiety is also another culprit which can affect the lasting process of hypnosis. When you have an anxiety disorder it can take just a few seconds to return to a previous mental state simply by being triggered by something in your environment. In this case, and in most cases, multiple hypnosis sessions are suggested because patterns can be built upon each other and serve to remove the triggers that used to begin old habits, fire neural pathways and define one’s behavior in a given situation.

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