Relaxing on the Go with a Self-Hypnosis App

Hypnosis is a state of mind control involving human consciousness where the mind stops deviating towards peripheral awareness, there is focused attention and the person is more susceptible to strong suggestions. It is like training a person’s mind to do what is being suggested. With so much clutter in one’s mind and chaos in his/her surroundings, one does not give the mind time to relax. Hypnosis can help the person achieve this state of calm and peace where the mind is not burdened with making decisions or thinking about consequences and floats in an eternal stated of peace.

It is similar to drifting off to sleep with a relaxed state of mind. The person will be able to hear people speak but the mind is concentrated on only one set of voice and hence achieves a relaxed state. Sometimes, one is involved in some work and not aware of his/her surroundings, or while playing one is so focused on the game that he/she is not conscious of any injuries until the game finishes, similarly the state of hypnosis helps the conscious mind and body to merge into one and take a back seat, while the unconscious mind becomes open to its surroundings.

An interesting fact discovered is that a person goes into a hypnotic stage at least twice a day, without even being aware of it. With hypnosis, the person when open to suggestions can be aided in breaking out of bad habits like smoking or achieving positive change.

The principles of hypnosis revolve around certain basic mind components – relaxation, concentration, suggestion, and repetition. Hypnosis can be paralleled to daydreaming, a trance-like state where one is aware of his/her surroundings yet one tunes out all the peripheral objects around. Hypnosis can also be characterized by heightened awareness and greater vulnerability to suggestions. In this state, one’s mind is free of fear or embarrassment, the subconscious mind is on the front and ready to perform without thought.

Uninhibited and relaxed, the person tunes out all the angst or worries that surrounds him/her and that would constrain him/her in actions. For example if the hypnotist says that the person’s tongue is swollen , he/she will experience unease and discomfort and find it difficult to talk even though there is nothing wrong with him/her or when the hypnotist suggests that the person jump and dance like a hen, he/she will not be afraid or embarrassed to do the same. The principle of hypnosis is simple that is not thinking about logic and facts and to function with basic instinct and emotions.

With the advent of technology and self-care, people are learning to use technology to take care of their health without spending hours in the Doctor’s office. Smartphones and mobile devices have become a necessity and almost every other person posses one smartphone. This has encouraged several smart help and healthcare applications, including the topic discussed here – self-hypnosis app to emerge on the scene. Self-hypnosis app has created a buzz in health applications in relieving stress, mood disorders, insomnia, and fatigue and also includes losing weight and boosting self-esteem. The mode of communication of these apps includes audio, visual or sometimes both. With people engaged hours on end in work and very little time to relax, it is difficult for them to take out time to set up relaxation devices or carry them around with them.

However, with the advent of self-hypnosis app, the possibility of relaxing on the go, while traveling or in office has increased and people can work with more efficiency and less mental clutter. Soothing music or relaxing landscapes are some of the usual forms of communication. The user has the choice to decide the form of communication he/she prefers, the duration of the same and other forms of customization. Hypnosis apps are coded to achieve certain goals ranging from health concerns like weight problems to motivating financial success.

The success of these apps as compared attending the Doctor’s office is also because of the varied customization and the choice of the user that the app offers like the gender of the hypnotist, background images, duration of hypnosis, etc. Hypnosis is one of the emerging options that people have adopted in achieving mental clarity and self-control and mobile applications like self-hypnosis app aid them in achieving the same.

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