The Benefits of Using a Sleep Hypnosis App

Sleep disorders are among the most common problems people face today. The high daily stress load can lead to these pictures and cause difficulty sleeping, resulting in other physical and mental health problems.

Sleep hypnosis is an interesting option for treating sleep disorders, instead of using medications. Know this technique and how it can benefit patients.

What is hypnosis to sleep?

Hypnotherapy is a technique that aims to access the patient’s subconscious so that he may have contact with deep, and sometimes hidden, problems that are causing problems in his life.

People suffering from sleep disorders, especially insomnia, characterized by difficulty in falling asleep or loss of sleep at night, may find in hypnosis the solution to this problem.

Often originating from trauma, from stress and daily worries, insomnia can be reversed in a natural way through hypnosis to sleep without causing side effects.

How does this technique work?

The technique used as sleeping hypnosis is dynamic hypnosis. In it, the patient is informed that only the patient is so hypnotized, and during the session, the patient remains conscious, however, in an altered state of consciousness.

This maneuver aims to facilitate access to information stored in the mind, but that in a full state of consciousness is not clear or unveiled for the patient. Thus, he can gain access to facts and events that he often does not remember or that, for him, do not seem to have such a strong influence on his daily life.

In this state, the patient is not influenced by the environment or external elements, and his mind is free to glimpse every information and memory stored in the subconscious. The patient has greater clarity about himself and his thoughts, can analyze and comment, rescue memories and make a self-critical observation.

By being able to access this information, the therapist helps the patient by guiding his reasoning, facilitating access to memories, and analyzes the patient’s relationships with his family, work, and himself. Thus, it gathers data that will guide and conduct treatment for reversal of the condition.

What are the indications of sleep hypnosis?

It is important to remember that not every picture of a sleep disorder is related to psychosomatic issues. Physical problems also interfere with sleep quality. Thus, for cases where the root is in physical problems, sleep hypnosis may not have an effect alone, but rather act as adjuvant or as a complement to clinical treatment.

In cases where the person suffers from stress, anxiety, panic syndrome, post-traumatic states, depression, among other situations that affect the psychological and mental health, sleeping hypnosis can replace the use of medications, achieving satisfactory results.

What benefits does sleep hypnosis offer?

A sleep hypnosis app acts on the client’s emotions and traumas, in addition to returning good nights sleep, can also impact the entire psychological state in a positive way.

Because the causes of insomnia can be traumas, stress, among other factors, in working on these problems the patient can also overcome fears, phobias, barriers and limitations that previously existed. Thus, he sees improvement in his interpersonal relationships, be it in the family, at work or between friends, and still perceives himself better, increasing his self-esteem and his potential.

Sleep hypnosis is an interesting technique to be adopted in a doctor’s office, or it is also possible to opt for self-hypnosis available in the form of smartphone applications.

Self Hypnosis Apps

Self Hypnosis is available as a mobile application for mental reprogramming, with concepts of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Self Hypnosis, NeuroScience and philosophies such as the Law of Attraction and New Thought Movement.

These app projects have been developing with hundreds of users who receive detailed and thorough training by a highly qualified team where you can understand the fundamentals needed for effective training with the application.

The application is a mental stimulator where the user holds in his or her mind the ideal outcome and essentialy declares their desires and goals they want to achieve in their life. There is training, where users learn to fill out the form based on NLP and thus write, a letter with more impact. Then the user clicks the create project button, the application creates a script with mental images, along with a 12hz-alpha Binaural soundtrack, and a music base frequency at 432Hz, which helps the user to achieve higher concentration and at the same time greater relaxation.

By practicing with this method, the user, through a process of memory overflow, can better set his goals in the subconscious, and then he can work naturally on the opportunities that appear to achieve his goals and achieve nights of sleep with higher quality.

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