What Would Make the Best Self Hypnosis App?

Hypnosis has been a subject of argument for 200 years and beyond. However, science is yet to figure out why exactly hypnosis happens. What we can do successfully is to observe what people do under hypnosis. The reason behind hypnosis is only but a minor puzzle in a bigger one which is the way the human brain works.

Many people tend to mystify it, but that is what happens when some people don’t understand reality. Further, it’s quite unlikely that scientists will understand fully and make a conclusive explanation as to how the mind works in the foreseeable future. As of now, hypnosis is nothing but a mystery.

The high level with which psychiatrists understand the general characteristics that the hypnosis project, is interesting. They have a model that explains how it works. And what is hypnosis? Hypnosis is a trance state made of extreme suggestibility, heightened imagination, and relaxation. It is however not a state of sleep, but under hypnosis, the subject is alert all the way. It can as well be compared to daydreaming or losing oneself while reading a book or watching a movie.

The subject at this juncture is fully conscious but has tuned out a bigger part of the stimuli around them. It is having to focus too much on something to get drown in it to the point of almost excluding any other conscious thought.

Some Of The Basic Principles Of Hypnosis

Most of our problems are the products of our conscious mind. If given the opportunity, our subconscious mind has what it takes to sort ourselves out. The following are some relevant principles to self-hypnosis:

1st principle

You must have the willingness to take your mind into a trance-like state. It takes a physical means that involves things like changing your position, relaxing your breathing, slowing your thoughts down, and focusing your consciousness on what you desire.

2nd principle

Love, respect and accept who you are. Develop a sense of self-confidence, trust and cooperation with every part of your being, are highly required.

3rd principle

Get ready and be free to spontaneity and stop being limited by the logical thoughts in your mind. Make sure the ability and the trust to step into uncertainty on occasional bases is worth going for. It will help you grow. Find and try new adventures and solutions to lots of issues that will come your way.

4th principle

Be conscious of bodily reactions about verbal suggestions being made. You must figure out how to put forward information and changes to yourself. Make sure it won’t threaten you but will rather be safe and helpful to your internal self.

Why It Is Helpful In An App Format

The abundance of smartphones and mobile devices amidst the swift advances in technology have increased the varieties and volume of healthcare and wellness applications (apps). Consumers are well able to access the devices everywhere they go easily and cheaply. According to Consumer Health Apps Report, there has not only been a significant increase in the number but also in the quality and accessibility of consumer health apps in both the Apple store and Google Play.

Hypnosis in an App Format is increasingly used for healthcare and wellness

Back in 2010, (Farrell-Carnahan, Ritterband, & Bailey, ) initial work on Internet-based hypnosis interventions suggested the effectiveness of the system in many ways which include: fatigue, sleep, mood, and quality of life. Hypnosis apps are effective and were designed to assist consumers to get help in a variety of ways. These include facilitating a weight loss program, boosting self-esteem, and relaxation/stress reduction, Sleep improvement, Smoking cessation and many more.

What Would Make the Best Self Hypnosis App?

The best hypnosis app must have the best instruction on how to practice Self Hypnosis Safely. Custom Self Hypnosis App should come in several materials such as the best Self Hypnosis tapes, CDs, and mp3 downloads that are mass produced copies of the generic hypnosis. Note that they are all unique.

There is probably something you want to change but haven’t done so yet. How to do so could be in an interesting iPad, iPhone or Android phone that you have and it is designed on the concept of self-empowerment?

With the Attention Shifting App, you can easily make those changes that you have been looking to make in your life. You can download the best health, best self-help and the best habit building self-hypnosis App from your App Store or Android devices.

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