Learn How to Manage Stress and Anxiety Using Mindfulness Apps

Our society is full of subtle and not-so-subtle-messages that aging is undesirable and that everything needs to be experienced right now. Building mindfulness into your life can help you dispel this mindset, calming your mind and improving your health in the process. Some estimates actually put the number of people in the United States who are moderate to extremely stress at over 75%. Many doctors feel that an inordinately large percentage of the health conditions they regularly see in the aging are stress-related in one way or another.

Apps for Mindfulness Can Help You Manage Your Energy and Stay Positive

Excessive stress can sap our energy, cause us to forget what is really important in our lives, and can destroy our physical and mental health and well-being when it is not properly managed. What if we could actually schedule the crucial moments of inspiration throughout our day, becoming more mindful in the process? What if we could actually recharge our mental and physical energy with a goal of shrugging off some of the stress and anxiety that makes us tired and dispirited in our lives? Well, as the commercial says, “There’s an app for that.” Mindfulness is a cornerstone of your personal development path.

What is a Mindfulness App and Why Do I Need It?

Before you jump on the app bandwagon, you may be wondering exactly what mindfulness is, and how being mindful can change your life–and your health. It appears that the old mind over matter notion has some real basis. An experiment done by Harvard psychologist Ellen Langer asked groups of aging men to act as though they had “traveled back in time,” and looked and felt as they had twenty or thirty years prior. The underlying idea was to determine how much control our thoughts and perceptions of ourselves contribute to our actual health and looks. Langer’s findings were dramatic, to say the least.

The men who were asked to envision themselves younger had more joint flexibility, increased dexterity, less arthritis in their hands, improved mental acuity and improved gait and posture after only one week. In other words, to some degree at least, the normal aging process had been reversed. This visualization of what we want our lives to be, rather than what they may actually be is what mindfulness is all about, and the technique is showing great promise.

For more information from Langer’s experiments, check out her book, “Counter Clockwise-Mindful Health and the Power of Possibility.” Langer’s basic premise is that we are all “victims of our own stereotypes about aging and health.” It’s true that we are constantly bombarded with negative clichés which can determine how we feel about aging. By being mindful about it, we can open up a world of possibilities which will allow us to be vital and productive no matter what our age.

Benefits of Using Good Mindfulness Apps to Be More Creative and Refine Your Lifestyle

The purpose of an app focusing upon mindfulness is to create a self-aware mind in core and spirit. This brings positivity and creativity to one’s lifestyle and general outlook. To bring alacrity in the society and in the individual, different methods are typically included in mindfulness applications like acceptance practices, forgiveness rituals, self-enhancement techniques, Mindful meditations, mindfulness quotes, inspirational articles, heart breathing techniques and many other effective tools.

What is Mindfulness and How Can I Start a Mindfulness Practice?

What is mindfulness? How does mindfulness influences one’s life? Can it help a person to recuperate from the feelings of depression, anxiety or stress? How can a person consistently experience peace, joy, and happiness. Encouraging people to experience change, self development and the self-growth is the main motive behind mindfulness practices. The mindfulness practice process enhances the awareness of one’s thoughts from an objective perspective – with a the . The best thing is that it allow us to study consciousness and the therapy starts with studying own conscious or subconscious mind state. The subconscious mind has enormous value as it warms, inspires and furnishes us with the memory of the brain. Mindfulness practices can be greatly enhanced by adding brainwave music, meditation music, NLP techniques, guided imagery and self hypnosis techniques.


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