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Have you tried the secrets in the Law of Attraction material, and found that they didn’t work for you? Have you tried positive affirmations faithfully to manifest more money, a better job, success, etc., but didn’t get results? Our NLP app may be the answer to your blocks and stuck states. NLP helps you to discover the hidden beliefs in your subconscious mind that block you from what you want. NLP techniques aid you in changing negative beliefs into positive beliefs that will work for your benefit.

Learn to Apply NLP Online By Experiencing NLP

Neuro-Linguistic Programming’s generative approach to change sets NLP apart from other personal growth and therapy methods. NLP training teaches specific skills that can help a person make a big change in an amazingly short time. These skills can be applied to all aspects of your life, personal or professional.

What is possible? Here are just a few areas of your life that can benefit from NLP App:

  • Communicate more effectively at work
  • Be a smarter negotiator
  • Resolve a grief issue
  • Maintain optimal weight
  • Change beliefs that hold you back from success
  • Be anxiety and depression free
  • Eliminate fears and phobias
  • Heal your inner child of past traumas, painful memories, and fears

Through NLP, your new awareness generalizes and you actually become more effective in every possible way.

How Does Our NLP App Work?

NLP describes in very precise terms, the images, sounds, and feelings that make up our inner and outer world. ‘Neuro’ refers to the mind and how we organize our mental life. ‘Linguistic’ is about language, how we use it and how it affects us. ‘Programming’ is about our sequences of repetitive behavior and how we act with purpose. So, when an experience is sorted out at the linguistic and neurological levels–procedures and techniques can be created that allow you to change the structure of your experience, and enable you to run your own brain. It is referred to as programming, but in actuality, it is re-programming one’s old, or outdated subconscious programs.

Therapeutic hypnosis is taught in NLP training. The brain enters into a Theta wave patterns when one is about to fall asleep, and again upon first awakening in the morning. Theta can also be reached in meditative states and in hypnosis. Theta is a programmable state of mind, and the reason hypnosis works so well to help a person change.

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According to cell biologist and author, Bruce Lipton, the brain is in the Theta Wave Pattern throughout the child’s waking day, from birth to age six. What is important to know about childhood theta brain patterns, is that everything one hears or is told from adult caretakers is programmed into the child’s subconscious. For example: If the child is constantly told he or she is “bad,” it becomes the child’s truth. Later in life, this program results in the person having low self-esteem and not realizing why. An NLP practitioner knows how to facilitate the adult-self to discover the inner child who is suffering from the old program of: “I am bad, therefore unworthy,” and changing it to a positive belief about the self. This is much like re-programming software that has errors.

NLP has many excellent techniques and numerous tools for helping people create personal and professional change. The processes are elegant, powerful, and always practical. It is a unique way to discover how to evolve and enhance your thinking and behavior to become more of the person that you truly desire to be. Because NLP builds upon your personal strengths and what is good and right in your life, it is empowering and enriching. NLP assists you in breaking through your limitations, both at work and individually. It is a way to help people live a happier, more productive, more satisfying life. NLP is not a closed system. It is creative and open-ended, which allows talented NLP Practitioners to create and develop new applications. For example, this author began a career in dream research, a bit later studied NLP, and then combined NLP and dreamwork in a way no one had ever done. NLP Practitioners are encouraged to add other effective therapies to their work with clients. Numerous NLP Practitioners have now embraced EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), shamanistic practices, and hypnotherapy–and combined these methods with NLP in their client work.

How Many Sessions Does NLP Intervention Take When Listening to Recorded NLP Sessions?

In most cases, NLP works quickly to effect personal transformation. A client who works with an NLP Master Practitioner can have positive changes happen in from one to a few sessions. Serious issues can take a bit longer, anywhere from four to twelve sessions. Yet, this is a drop in the bucket for timing when compared to other traditional therapies that have the client coming in for years.

The Origins of Neurolinguistic Programming

NLP began in the early 1970’s at the University of California in Santa Cruz, with the work of modeling human excellence by linguistics professor, John Grinder and mathematician/computer scientist, Richard Bandler. Their curiosity about the workings of human behavior prompted them to study several key figures in the field of therapy, principally hypnotherapist, Milton Erickson; Virginia Satir, (founder of Family Therapy); and Fritz Perls, (founder of Gestalt Therapy).

Bandler and Grinder were focusing on excellence. They wanted to know how the brain worked in people who got results, who could perform. They studied what these people did, rather than what they said they did and were able to identify what made them so effective. Soon, systemic patterns emerged that demonstrated how these therapy experts were able to bring about “miraculous” results. Bandler and Grinder developed models that replicated the patterns of the experts they carefully studied. The models became the early structure for NLP. Over the course of time, the pair studied experts in a variety of fields including business and sports-allowing them to develop more models based on “the study of excellence.”

Since the 1970’s, the early work of Bandler and Grinder, soon followed by excellent NLP trainers: Robert Dilts, Steve and Connirae Andreas, Tim Hallbom, Suzi Smith, and other professionals, has evolved into the field of NLP as it exists today. Valuable contributions and talented contributors added to the field, making it applicable in many areas such as business, therapy, education, health, negotiation, parenting, self-improvement, sales, creativity, motivation, presentation skills, and the holistic healing professions.

How do I find out more NLP and How do I find an NLP Practitioner?

NLP is international in scope with numerous books, audio, and videotapes on the applications of NLP available widely. Several journals exist that chronicle the newest developments in NLP. There are now over 150 training centers and institutes around the globe, teaching NLP. One can do a Google Search for NLP training centers. When checking out NLP Practitioners, make sure you find one that is a Certified Master Practitioner of NLP. This assures you that the practitioner has had thorough training. Do ask for credentials and references.

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