The NLP Coaching Gym

Introducing Micro-Coaching

airliner off course 90% of time

In Flight An Airplane Is Off Course 90% Of The Time

The way that all airplanes and jets arrive at their destinations consistently is by making consistent micro-adjustments based upon the factors that are pushing them off course. Your life is the same and you need a system to keep you on course.

Create Consistency By Having Your Personal Development Coach On Call

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What Is The NLP Coaching Gym?

The NLP Coaching Gym provides situational coaching and advice 5 days a week. Most people face circumstances and events that cause them to melt down, feel overwhelmed or out of control. Instead of receiving 1-2 hours worth of coaching on a weekly or monthly basis. The NLP Coaching Gym focuses upon daily, incremental coaching sessions that last between 5-10 minutes on average.

The difference between failing and getting the results you want is determined by consistency and effectiveness. You must get leverage upon yourself and take action on a daily basis that moves you towards the successful achievement of your goals.


NLP Synesthesia-Based Coaching

The NLP Coaching Gym Communication Technology

Introducing Telegram Messenger

Telegram Messenger is A Secure Free App

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Why Use Telegram Messenger?

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How Can You Use Telegram?

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The NLP Coaching Gym Schedule

9 AM EST to 1 PM EST | Monday – Friday

The NLP Coaching Gym operates off of two premises:

  1. Simplicity – Taking the smallest steps towards your goals and objectives in order to reduce distress and avoidance
  2. Consistency – Daily, micro-coaching and accountability is more effective than weekly or monthly coaching.

The NLP Coaching Gym is not intended to be used for therapy. The scope of the NLP Coaching Gym is upon situational, present moment events that in most cases have to do with goal-achievement, managing fear, overcoming procrastination and taking action. This service is designed for busy professionals who perceive the need for accountability and motivation to stay on track with their daily goals. If you desire in-depth coaching, the 1 hour personal development sessions will be the best for you.

The NLP Coaching Gym utilizes the Telegram Messenger platform in order to communicate using concise messages.



The rules for the NLP Coaching Gym are simple:

  1.  1 contextual coaching session per day. We focus upon one topic per day and the client agrees to take the action necessary to move toward their desired outcomes.
  2. The opening and closing of the coaching gym will be announced daily. Messages sent after hours will not be answered.
  3. Coaching communications can be sent by voice or text. Michael will respond primarily via voice messages.
  4. Telegram voice messages from clients must be under 2 minutes. The goal is to be precise with your communication so as to find resolution as quickly as possible.
  5. A maximum of 15 minutes per day will be spent on a contextual situation and a maximum of 20 daily text/voice messages is allotted to each NLP Coaching Gym member.
  6. Respect the NLP Coaching Gym schedule and only send messages between 9 AM EST to 1 PM EST Monday-Friday*
  7. The NLP Coaching Gym Lite is between 2 to 3 PM EST  Monday-Friday**

*The NLP Coaching Gym will be open for 20 hours per week. Michael reserves the right to adjust the daily coaching hours to account for holidays, travel and other scheduling conflicts.

**The NLP Coaching Gym Lite is guaranteed to be open for 5 hours per week.

To maximize our micro-coaching session, use the following format:

  1. Situation context – Where, what, who and when
  2. Trigger – External factor likely heard, seen or felt that causes you to feel “x”
  3. Desired Outcome

For example, “I have to give a presentation at a prospect’s office this afternoon. I look at my computer and feel unprepared. This is causing me to feel very nervous. I want to feel confident and know that I am prepared.” See the Questionnaire below to better prepare yourself for your session.


Download the NLP-Coaching-Gym-Challenge-Questionnaire


The NLP Coaching Gym Schedule

9 AM EST to 1 PM EST | Monday – Friday

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