Who is the Best Personal Development Coach for You?

best personal development coach

A personal development coach specializes in helping individuals reach their potential. There are various combinations of backgrounds, expertise, knowledge and experience that a personal development coach draws upon, but one thing that distinguishes most personal development coaches from life coaches is that most personal development coaches have specific training, licensing, or graduate-level degrees.

A professional personal development coach will often have a background in psychology, EMDR, NLP, hypnosis, counseling or some other therapeutic approach whether or not this individual is licensed in this field. For example, there are many coaches who do not feel as though the standard psychotherapy models are beneficial to their clients or create the context within which they desire to work, so they go outside of this sort of model and often off of insurance plans.

How Do You Become a Personal Development Coach?

Becoming a personal coach really isn’t that difficult. In most cases all one needs to do is start finding clients. Now, how you attract clients, your credentials, and your credibility are entirely different things. In most countries there is no established guidelines for being a coach because there are an infinite number of possible coaching professions. A person could coach tennis without a license, a person could coach small-business owners on auto repair without a license, and a person could be a personal development coach without a license… As you see, there is no governing body overseeing who is a personal development coach. So, if you’re interested in the profession of personal development coaching, it might be wise to decide upon a specific niche within the field of personal development coaching.

Personally, my educational background is in marketing, advertising, transpersonal psychology, neuro-linguistic programming ( NLP ), and Ericksonian hypnosis. I choose to focus on product development in my business because I realize it drives high quality coaching who find me because of my work. The majority of my coaching clients are executive level employees or entrepreneurs and business owners. The reason why I attract these sort of clients is because they can tell by my product profiles and social profiles that I understand business and the fine interplay between personal development and professional success.

How to Find the Best Personal Development Coach

A personal growth coach, the person who is going to guide you through your personal development and give you tools, techniques, resources and insights to be more successful, needs to be someone that you can trust to give you quantifiable, specific, action-oriented steps. This coach needs to be it would guide you toward your goals. This doesn’t mean telling you what to do, what to think, but rather asking poignant, direct questions with answers that have been hiding in your blind spot. It is said that much of success is getting out of your own way. The majority of my coaching clients require in some cases weekly or monthly interventions on an emotional level. They reached a peak, a breakdown, or an overload within a specific context and they need someone who can hold the space for them or create an environment in which they can get out of the problem state and into a resource state.

Finding the best personal development coach for you is first dependent upon the context in which you want coaching. If you want coaching to lose weight for example, then you probably do not want to be coached by someone who is overweight or oppositely, someone who is naturally skinny because neither of them have had to face your personal challenge. Another consideration when looking for the best personal development coach for you is going to be based upon your budget. There are plenty of life coaches out there who charge very little money or give away their time for free and some people do this just to be charitable… But, others who are serious about their profession and also understand what are referred to as universal laws, charge a no-negotiation fee for their time. The reason for this, is based upon human psychology and the trend that human beings typically do not value that which is free. So, if a client has a problem and they enlist you as a personal development coach to help them resolve this problem, the best – and pretty much only – way to get their full cooperation in the resolution of this problem is to get them to have a higher level of vested interest (money) in the solution then you as the coach have in their problem.

A personal development coach must always stay outside of the clients problem in order to be objective – this includes their money problems when it comes to paying the coach what he or she is worth.





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