Until recently, music was a stranger in the world of meditation. The older generations did not know anything such as music during their practices. They conducted their meditation in total silence apart from when making sounds and vibrations was part of the technique. Things change, and meditation has not been spared by the wave of that change. Today, the meditation music download is becoming an integral part to meditating. The question is: how did it come by? When did this happen and is it beneficial to have music as you meditate? This post will answer these and more other questions around the subject.

What are the best meditation music audio programs?

This is simply relaxing music listened to during meditation, and some times it utilized brain wave frequencies. Conventionally it has been music with religious connotations. But in recent time, modern music composers who practice meditation are introducing their genre with no religious affiliation at all. For music to qualify to the tag of meditation, it has to go with the tempo of someone trying to relax. Needless to say, the music has to be relaxing in nature. It is therefore right to conclude that not every music composition is right for meditation.

How meditation audio programs can have a healing effect upon mind and body

You must be wondering how music, a distraction in nature, found its way into meditation. You are not alone in this thinking… Before the 20th century, the term meditating music did not exist. Meditation was a complete package on its own back then. A turn of the tide, no one knows from where, came and music found way into meditating. Among the pioneers of this change are Lawrence Ball, John Cage and Terry Riley. These and a couple of other composers incorporated music into meditating and mindfulness. Some of the first music included Quartet for the end of time, Music for Zen meditation by Tony Scott and Hymen. Today, you cannot precisely number music that is associated with meditation. Countless songs have been done in the name of meditation making it a daunting task when it comes to choosing what plays during your sessions.

What are the benefits of listening to a meditation music download?

There is no denying that music is way in too much into meditation. Individuals as well as instructors have begun using music in their sessions to go with the current flow. It leads to the question whether music has any benefits to meditation, and as you’ll discover it certainly does. All of my hypnosis downloads contain music that can be used for meditating.

  • Reducing stress: music sets apart the real world and an imagined one. You can let your stress go as you listen to music while you focus on relaxing your mind.
  • Improves concentration levels: if you can concentrate on your relaxing as you listen to music, you will probably improve your concentration levels. You will find it easy to concentrate in class and at work.
  • Brings inspiration: listening to the right kind of music as you meditate will inspire you. It helps bring out a good feeling about what you are doing and generally about yourself.
  • Helps balance emotions: keeping your emotions balanced is important to good health and longevity. Music in meditating strikes a balance among your emotions. You can easily set aside bad feelings and ride on the good ones.

How do you choose your music for meditation?

Just like the way you choose your other kind of music, it is no different here. You pick the kind of music you like. However, there is one limitation. You do not go for any kind of music out there. It has to be relaxing. Go for music that will help you concentrate by reaching into your mind and body because this will help you with your meditation exercises or applying specific meditation techniques.

Should you use guided audio meditation music during your meditation sessions?

Well, as a matter of fact, playing or not playing meditation music is a matter of personal preference. Just like you would choose mindfulness over walking meditation, it is your personal choice for or against music during meditation. There are those who need total silence during their session. If you are in this lot the music is not necessary. For those who would want some background sound then music will come in handy.

Whatever your preference is, music or not, ensure you are getting the best from your sessions. Since music has some proven benefits to your practice, it will not be harmful to try it once. If you like, keep up with it. But if you do not like it, toss it off and go for your old ways of reaching to your inner self. As a personal development coach who uses a mixture of brainwave frequency technology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, hypnosis, visualization, and guided imagery to get results, I really believe the best approach is that of the maverick. Try it all and create your own path.

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