Meditation began way back in the human society and has become a footstool in changing life for the best. For all those years, the practice has seen various changes and growth. This does not mean that the practice has deviated from its core values. Instead, it has expanded into new cultures. To give you a hint of what to expect, here are meditation techniques practiced across the entire world:

Guided imagery meditation is a great place to begin if you are asking how can I do meditation

This is the best starting point for a beginner into meditation. It takes the form of exercising your mind with the guidance of a teacher or trainer. In the recent times, imagery mediation has utilized apps and coaching websites to achieve great results. The technique teaches you to be fully aware of sound, texture and movement around you. It is based on focus and not letting your mind wander away.

Mindfulness meditation techniques to experience a state of calmness and learning to be present

This technique has been trending for quite some time now. Thanks to its benefits, this is widely used to learn how to meditate. It entails focusing on internal and external experiences as they happen and on the exact moment. They help you achieve a state of calmness even when you are going through a chaotic experience. For those who are in constant fear about their future, this is one of the most recommended meditation techniques you should try.

Mantra meditation combined with breathing meditation techniques

This technique bears it origin back into 1950s. It was not so popular before but thanks to one Mahesh Yogi, it became the technique of choice in the 50s and 60s. Its approach is simple: you use sound and vibrations to get enlightenment. You are required to repeat particular sounds during meditating sessions. It helps in getting your mind to focus and many people find it to be a good way to apply as a guided meditation for anxiety.

Walking meditation is one of the simple meditation techniques that can be applied every single day

Contrary to many misconceptions, meditation can be performed in motion. Walking is such a good example that breaks from the norm and still helps you achieve equally great results. As you take a walk, you are expected to concentrate on your breathe and every step you take. This makes the mind to focus on yourself as you walk. There is no fixed distance to walk; some go for long walks while other take short ones. Wherever you choose to take your walk make sure you will not be disturbed by unnecessary noise or movement. A beach or a park would be a good spot to do it.

Concentration meditation is the basis of the Vipassana meditation technique.

This one is a deep form of meditation exercises popular among Buddhist monks. It may not be easy for beginners but you can learn it as time goes by. It is a form of focus on a specific sensation in or around you. In Vipassana meditations, they tend to have beginners place their focus upon the tip of their noses. For instance, you can sit in a quiet place and focus on your breathing in. It is the best way to let go any thoughts overloading your mind. It not only relieves your mind but leaves your body at peace.

Most yoga practices include great meditation techniques

It is crucial to note that yoga and meditation are two different practices but borrowing a lot from each other. Therefore yoga, to some extent, can be termed as a form of meditation. It utilizes deep focus and concentration with an aim of ridding yourself from worries and concerns. This, in essence, is what most meditation practices try to achieve.

Which is the most effective meditation technique for you?

Now that you have learned about quite a number of meditation techniques, you must be wondering which the best is for you. Truth is you can choose whichever technique you want. In fact, you are encouraged to try a few of them and use relaxing music or a meditation music download in the background. Once you establish the ones that help you achieve the best results you can ditch the rest. For instance, a combination of guided imagery and mindfulness would be great to give you a deep sense of self awareness. You can try random pairing until you get a pair that gives you expected results.

There is a lot to choose from when it comes to meditating practices. The choice is all yours but go for something that really gives you results based in mindfulness. Not what seems to work for the next guy will be suitable for you. Experiment with every technique before you decide on what to take or leave. There is a lot to gain from meditating but only if you are doing it the right way… But is there are right way? As a personal development coach who uses a mixture of brainwave frequency technology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, hypnosis, visualization, and guided imagery to get results, I really believe the best approach is that of the maverick. Try it all and create your own path.

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