Michael J. Emery Neuro-Linguistic Programming Apps and Audio Programs

Sheer Resolve to Do What it Takes – NLP and Guided Visualization for Inner Resolve

Reclaim Your Life from Posttraumatic Stress – NLP and Self-Hypnosis for PTSD and Combat Stress

The A+ Student Part 2: NLP and Hypnosis to Learn More Quickly

Healing the Inner Child 1 – Let Go of the Past and Move Forward Using NLP and Hypnosis

Start Your Day Right – Guided Meditation and NLP MP3 to Prepare for the Day

Attracting Wealth – NLP and Hypnosis to Learn How to Add Value to Others

Dynamic Determination – NLP and Hypnosis to Quickly Connect With Determination to Succeed

Compelling Clarity – NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis for Creating Clarity Regarding Important Situations

Creative Space – NLP and Guided Visualization MP3 for Creativity

End Your Day Perfectly – NLP and Guided Visualization MP3 to Create a Better Tomorrow

The A+ Student Part 1 – NLP and Hypnosis to Learn More Quickly

Expressive Personality 1 – Develop Personal Magnetism Using NLP and Hypnosis

From Depression to Hope – NLP and Hypnosis to End Depression and Experience a Brighter Future

Applying Anger – Convert Anger to Motivation Using NLP and Hypnosis

A Student 1.0 – Brainwaves App

A+ Student 2.0: How to Study

Advanced Sports Imagery


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