What are the Benefits of NLP Therapies and Should You See an NLP Therapist?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a practical science born in America and constantly growing throughout the world. NLP studies the human being in an integral vision oriented to practical results. NLP provides an insight into the unconscious structures and processes that form the basis of communication with us and with others.

The subjective experience that we create, the relationship and interaction between thoughts, feelings, emotions, values, beliefs, are responsible for how we communicate with others and how we communicate with different parts of ourselves. NLP therapies aim at personal development, optimization of performance and meaningful fulfillment of life, and can be used for therapeutic purposes or for personal transformation and development.

How do NLP therapies work?

The external reality of an event is the same for everyone, and we receive the information through our sensory channels (NEURO), which pass through filters (PROGRAMMING) and form an internal representation of the person. This internal representation generates a state in the person, that is, leads to different emotions that end up interfering in the physiology and also in the behaviors, in the actions of that person, both verbal and non-verbal aspects (LINGUISTICS).

In order for us to achieve better results, it is fundamental to know more about our own functioning, so that we can increase our possibilities of choosing attitudes and behaviors that meet the life we want to have. In this way, the conceptual definition of NLP is the study of the structure of the subjective experience of the human being.

Much more than just NLP therapy – NLP is a epistemology critical to personal success

We can also define NLP as a methodology that focuses on achieving excellence, that is, it helps a person to achieve the results he wants in his life, creating models from attitudes of success. NLP goes beyond techniques. It is a methodology that can be used in a practical way in our daily context. It is completely related to personal and professional results.

NLP Therapies are able to teach you to think about solutions and results. They are unique and up-to-date models of behavioral development. Behavioral changes occur effectively, as NLP Therapies focus on the sum of capacity development (HOW) along with the motivation to apply (WHY TO DO). Who participates in NLP Therapies starts to take responsibility for their development, generating positive changes in all the environments that they attend. With NLP, it is possible to teach a person to manage their thoughts and emotions, making them the leader of themselves and their relationships with others, increasing their performance.

What are the real benefits of Neuro-Linguistic Programming Therapies

As NLP Therapies are very versatile, they can solve a range of problems applied to everyday life, with roots ranging from a simple misunderstanding in childhood to severe trauma. These are some of the problems that can be solved:

  • Unfounded fears;
  • Insecurity and fears of presenting and speaking in public;
  • Lack of self-confidence;
  • Negative past situations;
  • Trauma for abuse of any kind;
  • Past love relationships and breakups;
  • Ignorance of the meaning of own life;
  • Lack of motivation;
  • Dissatisfaction, lack of goals;
  • Low self-esteem;
  • Marital conflict, communication problems, post-separation status;
  • Psycho-sexual problems;
  • Emotional co-dependence, lack of emotional control;
  • Process of mourning, guilt, states of emotional deprivation;
  • Depression;
  • Stress and anxiety state;
  • Poor performance in school, learning difficulties.

Why Use NLP Therapy?

The law of attraction is available in the universe all the time. That old saying “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” is an invitation to think that our brain can with appropriate strategies take our attitude to our goal. This is a pretty old concept. What is new is knowing how to use it favorably in life to facilitate the realization of wishes, or dreams, and this is the function of NLP Therapies. These therapies aim to enable the individual to better understand their inner being, allowing them to have greater control of their wishes, emotions, controlling them in their favor, allowing them to reach their goals.

To do this, you need to try out some strategies to achieve these goals quickly and naturally. First, it is crucial to think fondly about the power of attraction. The second step is to pay attention to what is present in this moment of life and, finally, to make a quick assessment of what is desired and what is present.
In addition, it constantly generates a reflection on the identity that we want to build as a leader, professional or even in the family environment, offering tools to achieve the results we seek in all areas of our lives. Once a person learns and internalizes this structuring, he or she will daily seek to generate the necessary behavioral changes to become a successful person.

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