How Our Areas of Personal Growth and Development Should Define Our Personal Goals

In life, there is always that gap between where we are to where we want to be and this becomes more clear as we become aware of our individual responsibility for personal development. The desire to bridge this gap is what brings about personal goals. We all want to have something, but how? Personal goals are targets that individuals put in place with the aim of attaining the desired outcome. Everyone has desires, mostly inbuilt. We all go through life with particular aspects in mind, and whatever we wish to achieve is personal to us, and it is never consistent. It passes through a series of changes, for instance, when you are at school, the goal is to attain good grades, and upon success, your goal now shifts to career life. You now want a good job with hefty allowances. In general, personal goals revolves around self-improvement, success, and improving relationships. This can include attaining certain educational and professional levels to enjoy benefits associated with such statuses.

Short-term and Long-term Goals are Only Achievable With Personal Development.

Personal goals are categorized into short and long-term goals. A short term goal is typically meant to be attained within a short period, mostly withing one year. They are more specific. With such a short time, short-term goals require immediate actions that are directed towards the desired outcome. It is more intense and involves a lot of individual input.Short-term goals are simpler and quite reasonable. They have to be something that you can achieve on a set schedule, and the fact that you can evaluate their effectiveness within a short period, they give opportunities for necessary adjustments.A Long term goal on the other hands is something you want to have in future. It is where you want to be in the next two years or more. A tenant probably will have a long-term goal of owning a house in future. Or that person who depends on public transport to go to work may consider having a car, and therefore come up with a saving plan. It is argued that breaking down long-term goals into specific short-term goals improves their efficiency. The short-term accomplishment within long term goals helps to build self-confidence and motivation that indeed it is possible to live to them.

The Power of Developing Personal Goals for My Personal Areas of Improvement

Who is supposed to set goals? Everyone has to create personal goal as long as you value personal development. We all have hopes and dreams and therefore we ought to have a defined plan of action. You have to draw a picture of where you want to be. It is argued that failing to plan is planning to fail. What are the benefits of having personal goals? Personal goals are motivational and consequently propels one to move forward. With a plan of action written down, you get something to work for. Goals represent inner desires and always reminds you of what you need to do. Secondly, goals break down those dreams that appear impossible to something that you can do and get the results. It is natural to feel discouraged when you look at a huge mountain that you need to get to the top, but with specific, attainable goals, the mountain is broken down into walkable hills.

Personal Growth and Development Goals Force You to Live an Intentional Examined Life

The larger aspiration that often seems intimidating is broken into smaller ones that are more achievable. Achieving more significant dreams in small milestones has been proved to provide greater contentment and motivation. Personal goals remind you what you want in life. At times, people can set goals which don’t reflect what they want. You may think that you want more money whereas all you need is a change of environment. You may feel disappointed by people and want to be alone, but you need some company of good people! Personal goals also enable us to experience our full potential. Whenever you sit down to draft goals, you focus on getting the most out of all opportunities and moments. There is so much that this life can offer but you need to struggle for it and work hard. Personal goals improve self-confidence, and the peoples’ believe in themselves. Goals are meant to trigger your ambitions. It gives us the much-needed inspiration to go for things we thought we could never achieve

One of the Biggest Mistakes In Life is Failing to Identify Personal Improvement Areas

The most common mistake that people do formulate unrealistic dreams. Being over ambitious regarding the actual goal and time frame has made some desires not to be practical. You need SMART goals.Some people do set other people’s goal. Just because your colleague has a car, you feel that you also need a car. In some instances, friends and relatives may influence your desires. They may feel like they know that is best for you. It is always good to have a line between what you want, and what other people think about you.

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