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Michael J. Emery, MA, C.Ht., M.NLP

“The personal mission of each individual is to heal the past, develop the resources necessary to manage the present, and to create one’s future – by design.”

How Do You Want to Be Different?

Michael J. Emery, MA, C.Ht., M.NLP specializes in personal development coaching, executive coaching and business coaching. He uses a blend of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP techniques) and Ericksonian Hypnosis as his primary coaching method. If you have been seeking a personal development coach, business coaching or motivational coaching then you want the results that only an NLP practitioner skilled in conversational hypnosis can deliver.

If you are looking for a personal coach, then Michael highly recommends you first begin with his unique audio programs addressing a broad range of coaching topics. Not only do the audio programs help the listener to address a variety of common personal growth topics, it also helps the future client and Michael to develop a sense of rapport that maximizes progress during private coaching sessions.

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Personal development training courses that will empower you to heal your past, develop the necessary resources for the present moment, and help you to design a future that is meaningful.
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Personal coaching sessions that utilize conversational hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming to help you break through limiting beliefs and experiences and move forward in life.
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The goal of Michael’s personal development audio programs is to create an internal space where you will be empowered you to break free from limiting beliefs and non-beneficial past experiences so that you can be free to experience powerful core states such as peace, fulfillment, happiness, confidence, and more...


Unique personal development training series designed to empower you to break free from limiting beliefs and past experiences so that you can champion a cause that demands you unleash your innate potential.


In the context of personal development coaching, you will take control of your life. We will focus upon creating an empowering identity and resources for you to identify and achieve your personal goals.

In the context of executive coaching, you will emerge as a visionary leader within your organization. Optimize your productivity and performance while consistently breaking through the barriers to your success.


Hypnotherapy sessions involve deep inner work that often focus upon the healing of a past significant emotional event. While hypnosis has infinite applications to past-present-and-future contexts, the primary focus in Michael's practice is upon reframing and updating limiting beliefs. We are our own best hypnotists and often decisions are made at an unconscious level that need to be updated to align with our core values and primary purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hypnosis Safe?

Go ahead and imagine what it would be like to eat an apple or a piece of fruit you really enjoy. What was the color of your first car or bicycle? If you could go anywhere in the world for a week-long vacation (all expenses paid, of course), where would you go? These three unrelated questions all share the same component: they each cause you to go inside your mind to find your subjective answer.

This is referred to as a trans-derivational search in the field of hypnotherapy. To answer these questions, you actually entered a momentary state of trance while you found your answers. Hypnosis is a naturally occurring event and every human being goes in and out of hypnotic states multiple times per minute. Hypnotism and hypnotherapy create an environment in which a client experiences a prolonged state of hypnotic trance. Hypnosis is safe and natural.

Who Do You Coach?

I have had the honor to work with lawyers, entrepreneurs, university students, Fortune 500 executives, medical doctors, chiropractors, school teachers, retirees, aspiring NLP coaches and hypnotherapists, professional athletes, aspiring athletes, musicians, and many more.

Where Do I Begin With My Personal Development?

For most people under 30 years old, this is a question of budget. If you’re considering the NLP Coaching Gym or Executive Coaching then money probably isn’t the issue and I recommend you go directly to those pages. I’ll tell you my personal story and you can decide where you will begin.

Over 12 years ago, my first experiences with NLP and self-hypnosis began with audio programs by people such as Richard Bandler, Tony Robbins, Dick Sutphen, and a few others. As a young guy in his early twenties, I didn’t have much money but I was curious and motivated. I saved up for my first hypnosis session that cost me $120 and it was good enough that I returned for two more sessions.

A few months later, I enrolled in a hypnosis certification course along with basic NLP practitioner training and this cost $2,800 for a 10 week (full weekends) course. That was a monumental breakthrough for me and I felt as though I woke up from a dream. However, it wasn’t until about 2 years later that I committed to weekly coaching sessions with a different hypnotherapist and NLP coach at $140 each.

I did this for a solid 2 years and additionally repeated the basic NLP training along with master practitioner training and other seminars that earned me my NLP trainer certificate. You can do the math… I’ve probably invested around $30,000 in my own personal development coaching and training. For me it was the best investment of a lifetime, and it transformed my life. With my experience, training, sense of identity, purpose and confidence I’ve made that money back many times over.

Different people have different goals and objectives. I’ve created a number of hypnosis downloads and hypnosis apps that are a powerful and inexpensive way to begin. The best option would be to use my Attention Shifting audio programs along with personal development coaching so that you can get some live feedback. What did I have to do to justify my investment in myself? I had to create a future that was big enough to warrant such an initial expense. I spent on myself an amount that can buy you a decent new car. The difference is that the car is a liability and will ultimately decrease in value, whereas you are the best investment for your money because your investment in yourself will grow in value as the years pass.

If you doubt it, then think about living another decade without having any of the experiences you wish you could have… Then double it and do another decade of disappointment. Probably not that thrilling. Instead, place your sights upon what you want and we will move you toward it. At a minimum start using the Attention Shifting audios or apps today and enroll in Breakthrough U so that you can begin learning and receiving open forum coaching.

Why Is Hypnosis Helpful?

According to Michael, most of his clients need “de-hypnosis” which can include the process of updating their belief systems, reframing limiting experiences from their pasts, and being able to let go of those past events. As we grow up, we are constantly learning, but most of what we learn tends to be limiting garbage from outdated paradigms. Hypnosis occurs when people are in altered states of consciousness and counter to what is portrayed in Hollywood movies hypnotic states can occur in seconds.

As we mature, we are forming our filters and these serve to generalize, distort and delete the content in our environments that is not perceived to be valuable. Just an example of this could be all of the sounds you hear on your way to work. Or, all of the colors your eyes are perceiving right now. You can’t focus on all of them at one time and your reticular activating system has to determine which items you can consciously focus upon.

So where does the rest go? It is stored in your unconscious mind. When behaviors are repeated (classical conditioning) or if you are in a vulnerable state (tired, nervous, angry, frightened, happy, etc.) it is very easy for data from your environment to be anchored within your nervous system. This is how we pick up a lot of garbage from our pasts.

Things that friends, enemies, teachers, parents, relatives, strangers said or did. Often we learned not to do what someone else said, but to do what they did by following their example. There are numerous examples of behaviors, beliefs, attitudes, and mindsets being borrowed or learned unintentionally. For this reason, most of us need “de-hypnosis” to clean out the garbage we have picked up over the years.

Is NLP Mind Control?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is an approach to epistemology, which means a study of understanding. NLP has been applied to various contexts, most notably communication, therapy and modeling human behavior. People who state that NLP is mind control, most likely know very little about it. In a conversational setting, Neuro-Linguistic Programming offers precision in communication and a way to better understand people while using language in a manner that is most likely to result in your desired outcome.

The accuracy and effectiveness that NLP offers in a conversational setting can be persuasive and motivational because of the operating premise that communication exists to generate a specific outcome. To say that NLP is mind control would be similar to comparing a 16-year old with a driver’s license to an experienced race car driver. Then saying that the race car driver cheats when he races against the 16 year-old. One is simply prepared and experienced whereas the other is likely clueless.

The same could be said for Neuro-Linguistic Programming… Most untrained people use language like a teenager behind the steering wheel of a car. They don’t know what exactly to do and are reacting to their instincts even though those reactions move them further away from their intended outcomes.

Who Benefits from Your Services and Progams?

The most brilliant and creative minds in all industries and academia utilize altered states of consciousness. Essentially, self hypnosis and meditative states that can be traced back to antiquity. The solutions are within believes personal development coach Michael J. Emery. Guided imagery, self hypnosis, meditation, visualization, NLP ( neuro-linguistic processing ) are just ways of accessing one’s internal realities. As a personal development coach and hypnotherapist, Michael J. Emery utilizes various NLP techniques and self hypnosis exercises to empower his clients to conquer internal fears, gain confidence and move forward toward their individual goals.

Michael believes that motivation and focus stem from within and when a life coaching client connects with the internal resources required to change one’s life, then the action begins to happen. Until the internal blocks to personal development are removed, the individual will experience apathy and a loss of purpose. The majority of people suffer from similar anxieties regardless of class or culture. All concerns go back to the four categories of: health, wealth, relationships and spirituality. While Michael will not assume responsibility for telling you how to live, his goal is to provide an sanity check; a safe space for you to face your internal demons, confront fears, and determine your course into the future.

Michael’s philosophical background is in transpersonal psychology and his masters degree in this field provides an understanding of leadership concepts and qualities that will empower humanity to move forward in the 21st century. Additionally, Michael is trained in Ericksonian hypnosis and has attained the NLP Trainer certification level in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming which is a methodology used for modelling human behavior. Michael’s purpose is personal empowerment and the liberation of humanity from false biases and being paralyzed by fear. By blending age-old meditation techniques with cutting edge science, Michael empowers his personal development coaching clients to breakthrough old fear responses and change their behavioral conditioning.

Michael’s contribution to personal development has been to create powerful and inspiring personal development audios that utilize the best techniques in the fields of self hypnosis, Ericksonian hypnosis, NLP, guided imagery, meditation, brainwave frequencies and visualization. As an international personal development coach, Michael routinely coaches entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 executive level employees, top athletes, aspiring athletes, and individuals seeking a personal development breakthrough.

If you want to learn more about NLP or hypnosis, then subscribe to the mailing list and get the free hypnosis downloads and NLP mp3s. You can also access these self help programs through the apps available on this site. If you are looking for a personal development coach, then feel free to contact Michael today and schedule your first personal development coaching session.

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