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Personal Development Training

You are invited to explore unique training experiences based upon decades of my own multidisciplinary studies. My big picture objective is to provide you with practical insights and techniques gained through both failure and success.

Hypnosis Training

Learn Ericksonian Hypnosis & Direct Hypnosis

Why so much purple associated with hypnosis? It all goes back to a man named Milton... As this is an ongoing hypnosis training experience, I do my best to break down hypnosis into a unique training experience that is perfect for the curious individual or even the experienced hypnotherapist. In short, the best hypnosis is indirect, general and ambiguous...

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NLP Training

Learn the Best Neuro-Linguistic Programming Techniques & Theory
The map is not the territory and the menu is not the meal. Neuro-Linguistic Programming provides a framework for effective communication, a model for subjective experience, and an epistimology for knowledge. NLP is a powerful set of techniques, beliefs, and attitudes that leave behind a trail of results.
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Men Living
with Meaning

A Transformational Rite of Passage for Men

Men Living with Meaning is the personal development program that I was searching for in my early twenties. Over the years I have accumulated notes, completed a master's thesis on the topic of a modern male rite of passage, and developed an outline of information, perspectives and experiences that I would have greatly benefited from as a child, teenager, and young adult. This is the collection of information and experiences that I would want my son to remember me by...

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The Empowered Muse

A Healing Ritual for Women

The Empowered Muse is a unique collection of experiences addressing topic relating to purpose, personal power, and perspective. Essentially, these experiences are what I would share with my daughter as a male perspective on how she can transition through the 3 stages of womanhood with elegance and grace. The major focus is upon healing past hurt and disappointment, developing personal power rituals for daily use, and gaining clarity for the future decisions that will impact her tribe.

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How I Can Help

The Right and Responsibility to Self Development
Michael believes that everyone has the right to understand the mental and cognitive processes behind their behavior and has the freedom to explore their individual identities and missions in life. His commitment to his clients is to empower them upon their personal path to self-discovery and personal development.

Audio Programs

Independently rated as some of the most effective hypnosis downloads utilizing the best in NLP, guided imagery, meditation, visualization, brainwave frequency technology and self-hypnosis.

Training Programs

Personal development training courses that will empower you to heal your past, develop the necessary resources for the present moment, and help you to design a future that is meaningful.

Coaching Services

Personal coaching sessions that utilize conversational hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming to help you break through limiting beliefs and experiences and move forward in life.

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