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What is Guided Imagery

What is Guided Imagery?

In reality, guided imagery can be pretty much anything. It occurs while we listen to music. It happens during our conversations. It certainly happens within the classroom, and while politicians or religious leaders talk. When you examine it, imagery is very similar to indirect hypnosis. Effective guided imagery most likely utilizes the foundational principles of NLP. Effective guided imagery will focus upon the successful resolution of a problem or challenge by placing the listeners focus upon the desired end result. Ineffective guided imagery will only cause the listener to vivify and heighten the problem state. Both will use words and language but the content and context will result in different outcomes.

How Can Guided Imagery Help?

Fortunately, guided imagery techniques can be applied by just about anyone. Guided imagery is different from hypnosis in the sense that there is no additional hypnotic induction, but guided imagery can have the same effect as indirect hypnosis as an individual begins to pay closer attention to his or her internal representations and their focus on the outside world diminishes. Most guided imagery is used to manage stress and reduce tension and its use by a wide array of therapists, hypnotists, psychologists, counselors, life coaches, meditators, and even sports coaches.

One of the most common approaches to guided imagery is to have a person visualize or imagine they are in a pleasant, safe environment as just one of many relaxation techniques for stress. And as the sensations of this environment are heightened and vivified, the individual’s body or physiology will respond in kind. This can be great for managing stress or brainstorming activities.

Who Uses Guided Imagery?

Everyone uses guided imagery. Any time you communicate you generate words that create an internal representation in the mind of another person. This is simply the communication process. There’s no reason for a guilty indicator to ever suggest that he or she is using guided imagery; this person’s words will simply end effectively create the internal representations necessary to get their point across and generate action. The best communicators use guided imagery techniques to create internal imagery that one cannot help but respond to…

What Guided Imagery Programs Are Available?

There are countless guided imagery programs utilizing guided relaxation techniques available in the marketplace. One of the best things to do is to try some free programs that are available and if you believe that guided imagery can benefit you then consider purchasing other guided imagery programs. You will mostly be fine that the programs that draw your attention Will be based on personal days and the degree of rapport with the author. Something about that individuals mannerisms, personal history or belief system will attract you and that can be a great place for you to start with specific programs. In many cases are going to find that the therapist and NLP practitioners are more skilled than the average person because the deal so heavily with the sort of imagery that is being processed by the unconscious mind. If you’re interested in my work, I would say that all of my programs are guided imagery in addition to much more than just that as they include hypnotic language patterns, NLP techniques, brainwave frequencies, binaural beats and more.

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