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    How to Visualize - Self Awareness and the Five Senses

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    Have you struggled with visualization in the past or want to enhance your sense of internal clarity?

    Blurry imagery, unwanted thoughts, or a frustratingly "blank" mind can impede your personal development.

    How to Visualize - Self Awareness and the Five Senses uses visualization techniques designed to awaken and vivify your perceptions through all of your sensory faculties. When it comes to visualization, we tend to overlook the fact that all of our senses play together when assigning meaning to the information that is being perceived from our environment. Sounds from something that is far away resonate differently than sounds from something that is nearby. Kinesthetic feelings in our bodies can be altered in their perception simply by changing their color or giving them a sound. Art [creativity] is the playground of synesthesias, the blending of the senses, and you can learn to effectively experience this through the Self Awareness and the Five Senses program.

    How to Visualize - Self Awareness and the Fives Senses - Visualization techniques designed to awaken and vivify your perceptions through all of your sensory faculties (49 minute mp3 audio program).

    Often in my practice I've encountered clients who claim they cannot visualize. This isn't true, it is just that they don't understand that it happens automatically and as a result they have very little control over it because they don't know how it works. The How to Visualize Series (Time and Space Imagery, The Visual Submodalities of Perception, and Self Awareness and the Fives Senses) include exercises that will teach you how to vivify your internal experiences. Consider that most of what you do occurs in your mind first, and the outcome of your efforts is largely dependent upon the quality of your internal experience (mental pictures, mental movies, etc). By refining your internal capacity to visualize, you can expect the results to affect your work, your creativity, your artistic drives, and especially how you communicate differently once you have an understanding of the ways our minds process information.
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