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The use of frequencies to alter one's consciousness is ancient and traces it roots back to shamanistic practices around the world. The use of brainwave frequencies and entrainment is a more modern approach to accessing altered states of consciousness. My goal is to merge East and West through the creation of soundscapes that are designed to be used within a given context. It is not to say that the title of the brainwave audio program is a solution or cure for the topic, simply that it is the potential focus of one's intent while listening to the audio. These audios are best used while reclined and using quality headphones so as to benefit from the bilateral beats and musical frequencies.


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What are Brainwave Frequencies?

Brainwave frequencies can be detected through the use of electroencephalography (EEG) which is the recording of electrical activity along the human scalp. These frequencies have been noted to change depending upon the sort of internal and or external activities within which the individual is participating  –  willingly or unwilling. You can see the different brain waves on the following brain frequencies charts:



Delta Waves


delta wavesDelta brain waves are the brainwave frequency range between 0 to 4 Hz. These are the highest in amplitude and also the slowest Brain waves. Typically these frequencies are detected in adults during slow wave deep sleep and it is also detected in babies.


Theta Waves


theta wavsTheta brain waves are the brainwave frequency range from 4 Hz to 7 Hz and it is normally noticed naturally in young children. In older children and adults, it may be perceived in states of drowsiness or arousal. It has been associated with relaxation, meditative, and creative states.


Alpha Waves


alpha wavesAlpha brain waves are the brainwave frequency range between 7 Hz to 14 Hz. The state has been associated with mental toughness, problem-solving, flow states, relaxation and resourcefulness.




Beta Waves


beta wavesBeta is the brainwave frequency range between 15 Hz to around 30 Hz. These frequencies are associated with anxious or busy thought patterns and active concentration. This is the dominant rhythm in anxious people with their eyes open.


Gamma Waves


gamma wavesGamma is the brainwave frequency range between approximately 30–100 Hz. These brainwave frequencies have been associated with high mental activity, problem-solving, and consciousness.




Frequency rangeNameAssociated with:
> 40 HzGamma wavesHigher mental activity, including perception, problem solving, fear, and consciousness
13–39 HzBeta wavesActive, busy or anxious thinking and active concentration, arousal, cognition, and or paranoia
7–13 HzAlpha wavesRelaxation (while awake), pre-sleep and pre-wake drowsiness, REM sleep, Dreams
8–12 HzMu wavesMu rhythm, Sensorimotor rhythm
4–7 HzTheta wavesDeep meditation/relaxation, NREM sleep
< 4 HzDelta wavesDeep dreamless sleep, loss of body awareness



Ever since the concept of the brain was formulated more than 100 years ago, scientists have been exploring the phenomenon of brainwave frequencies. While it is still unclear as to what exactly the brain does when it comes to brainwave frequencies, one thing that is well-known is that it is a very complicated and active part of our brain, capable of both conscious and unconscious function. Brainwave frequencies, and brainwave frequency music therapy, have both proven to be useful in many different ways. In this brief article, we'll examine brainwave frequency music and how brainwave frequencies can be used to treat certain medical conditions and/or disorders.


When you hear a piece of music, you are listening to the brainwaves of that particular piece of music and the rhythms of those brainwaves are being triggered by your own brain's neural oscillations. If you listen to entrained music over again, these brainwaves will begin to take on a regular rhythm, just like the rhythms of the beat of a song. The difference is, while your conscious brain is listening to these rhythms, it is actively engaging in creative thought and problem solving. So, what are brainwaves? Your brainwaves are essentially patterns of electrical signals that your brain receives and responds to in the same way it would respond to any type of external stimuli.


Brainwave frequencies are measured in hertz (Hz), which is a synonym for hertz, frequency. Each unit of hertz (Hertz) is equal to one percent of the total number of waves produced by the brain, and each cycle of activity produces a wave of one Hertz. In other words, a cycle of one Hertz lasts infinitely long; it goes on without beginning or end. It would eventually reach an ultimate peak, where the brainwave frequency would fall back down to its starting point. This is the neural oscillation, or frequency, of what we normally refer to as consciousness.


These brainwave frequencies can be deliberately introduced into the brain; the brainwaves associated with states of deep sleep have been shown to exhibit greater density of brainwave frequencies during this time. The brainwave entrainment technique is quite efficient in inducing such brainwave frequencies during sleep. The brainwaves are then released, and the person naturally begins to experience these brainwave frequencies during their waking moments. This is how brainwave entrainement effects work. For anyone seeking to achieve greater levels of success and abundance in their lives, this is a remarkable technique.


One of the major benefits of brainwave entrainment is that you will not be limited in any way when it comes to achieving success. While the brainwaves are operating within your brain, it will be easier for you to be successful because you will operate with a state of consciousness that is more conducive to reaching your full potential. By changing your neural oscillations, you can change the state of consciousness that you experience. This means that you can access your subconscious mind that may have been holding back some of your greatest achievements. By accessing the subconscious, you can reach much greater heights in any given endeavor.


Now, let's talk about removing this template message that is affecting you. In addition to helping you increase your brainwave frequencies so that you will be more effective (which we talked about above), the process of removing the template messages will also help you improve your life. If you continue to allow this negative programming to affect your life, you will find that no matter what you try, nothing will ever be positive in nature. This is very difficult to deal with. Please help improve this situation by removing this message right now.


The process of brainwave entrainment is actually very simple. This type of technology has been around for many years and there are many people that swear by it. Basically, it works through brainwave patterns. If certain brainwave patterns are used, then the person will fall into a deep sleep state. When they wake up, their brainwaves will be in a very active state, allowing them to make better decisions than they would without using brainwave entrainment.


To put it simply, it all boils down to brainwave entrainment being able to re-program your brain to work at a higher level. If you keep re-programming your brain, over time, you will find that your life begins to change dramatically. Why not give brainwave frequencies a try? If you truly want to have a positive impact on your life, you should definitely look into brainwave entrainment today.

How Do Brainwave Frequencies Affect Meditation and Internal Imagery?

Brainwave frequencies can have a powerful effect upon meditation and ones ability to visualize. The frequencies help to maintain focus while the speed of the frequency seems to affect the degree of alertness. Brainwave music and brainwave meditation soundscapes are used in nearly all of my hypnosis downloads.

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