Gamma Brainwave Frequencies

Gamma brainwave frequencies are one of the most utilized brainwaves in the human brain. It has been said that gamma brainwave frequencies can be experienced while a person is asleep, as well as while awake. A lot of people are familiar with gamma brainwave frequencies from their daily experience. For example, gamma brainwave music can be felt as a calm and peaceful sleep when a person is fast asleep, or deep, dreamless sleep when they're deeply asleep. It's been noted by many overnight sleep experts that gamma brainwave frequencies to aid in memory consolidation and/or sharpening.

Brainwave Frequency Ranges

Frequency rangeNameAssociated with:
> 40 HzGamma wavesHigher mental activity, including perception, problem solving, fear, and consciousness
13–39 HzBeta wavesActive, busy or anxious thinking and active concentration, arousal, cognition, and or paranoia
7–13 HzAlpha wavesRelaxation (while awake), pre-sleep and pre-wake drowsiness, REM sleep, Dreams
8–12 HzMu wavesMu rhythm, Sensorimotor rhythm
4–7 HzTheta wavesDeep meditation/relaxation, NREM sleep
< 4 HzDelta wavesDeep dreamless sleep, loss of body awareness

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More About Gamma Brainwaves

The Benefits of Gamma Brainwave Music

There are many gamma brainwave frequencies used in brainwave entrainment. For instance, gamma rhythms can be found during meditation, hypnosis, binaural beats, and brainwave recordings. The gamma brainwave frequencies contained within these recordings have been known to aid in creativity and mental clarity.


In a similar fashion, gamma brainwave frequencies are also associated with gamma brainwave music, specifically long-term gamma patterns. It has been noted over the years by many overnight sleep experts that gamma brainwave frequencies to aid in sharpening and consolidating bad memories. For instance, if you went to your school and witnessed an argument break out, it's likely that you would have a hankering to go back to that particular location or hallway to participate in the argument. However, if you happened to be listening to a gamma brainwave music file during that time, you may not have the desire to return to that particular location - but you will have the ability to remember where you were and what you did during that time.


gamma brainwave frequencies are also indicated during the recovery phase of certain mental illnesses, like those associated with the gamma-amino butyric acid (GABA) system. This is because gamma brainwave frequencies are associated with creativity and "haemoglobin" systems. For instance, gamma (gamma) brainwaves help people create memories. People who have low gamma brainwave frequencies often struggle to recover from traumatic experiences.


Another way that gamma brainwave frequencies are linked to gamma brainwave music is through the mediation of gamma activity in other domains. For instance, gamma brainwave frequencies are frequently used in the domain of sleep. When someone goes to bed, gamma activity (gamma activity) is a natural, unconscious process that helps people fall asleep. gamma brainwave frequencies are most prevalent during REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, and the music that is most effective at assisting people to get the most out of REM sleep is gamma brainwave music.


The relationship between gamma brainwave frequencies and creativity is not entirely clear. But it seems to be true. In experiments using brain scanning equipment, the effects of gamma brainwave frequencies were seen in two specific domains of mental activity: visual and musical creativity. In visual creativity, researchers saw increased activity in gamma oscillations during the creation of visual images. And in musical creativity, the gamma brainwave frequencies were noted to increase during the creation of music.


How does gamma brainwave frequencies help to improve your life? gamma brainwave frequencies can be found in many popular music pieces. For instance, popular music artists often utilize gamma brainwave frequencies during the writing or recording process. This is because gamma brainwave frequencies are known to be associated with creativity. As noted above, gamma brainwave frequencies are associated with sleep and REM sleep, both of which are needed for creativity.


Of course, gamma brainwave frequencies are also found in many video games. gamma brainwave frequencies are also noted in many video games, particularly titles which feature cartoon or action figures. gamma brainwave frequencies are also observed in binaural beats, which are popular with meditation and self-healing techniques. These gamma brainwave frequencies are typically featured in nature sounds, especially nature sounds from flowing water and mountain ranges. Nature sounds also have been shown to aid in creativity, since our natural environment is full of rich nature sounds. gamma brainwave frequencies are therefore not necessarily confined to a single area of the brain, but can be observed throughout the entire range of gamma brainwave frequencies.

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