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What is NLP?

Many people refer to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) as the study of success, science of achievement, and the technology of the mind. NLP is the study of what makes one person successful and another person a failure. What NLP does is study how successful people in all walks of life achieve their success and then using NLP techniques you can model these same habits and techniques that they used to achieve your own success. The name Neuro-Linguistic Programming originates from the following root words:

  • Neuro represents the neurological connection between the mind and body.
  • Linguistic addresses the internal and external use of language to convey thoughts and communicate experiences
  • Programming the perspective that human beings utilize conscious processes and unconscious patterns to react to external stimuli



NLP Services Provided

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is not only therapeutic, it is paradigm-changing as it is an operational epistemology. Philosophical epistemology is focused upon questions such as what is knowledgehow is knowledge acquiredhow do we know what we know, and how are beliefs justified? NLP offers insights into the subjective nature of perceived reality and provides a framework for inquiry. The transition from receiving NLP coaching to personally applying NLP techniques is a shift in one's locus of control and deciding to proactively utilize NLP instead of rely upon an NLP practitioner.


NLP Coaching

NLP coaching is a great way to use structured language to change perspectives and create effective strategies.

NLP Coach

NLP Practitioner

An NLP Practitioner has completed an NLP certification program and is trained in the basic NLP framework.

NLP Practitioner

NLP Techniques

NLP Techniques help an indivual to learn, change emotions, change behaviors, and change beliefs
NLP Techniques

NLP Therapy

NLP Therapy is very effective for phobias, depression, anxiety, overwhelm, PTSD, decision-making, and more.
NLP Therapy

NLP Training

NLP Training provides an introduction into NLP theory, models, and a format to learn and apply NLP Techniques.
NLP Training

NLP Model

The NLP Communication Model demonstrates how perceived information affects human behavior.
NLP Model

NLP Course

Learn the theory and application of NLP models and techniques for personal and professional excellence.

NLP Course

NLP Anchoring

NLP Anchoring is the intentional creation of a stimulus response pattern to change human behavior.
NLP Anchoring

NLP Certfification

NLP Certification qualification is an internationally recognized professional qualification as an NLP Practitioner.
NLP Certification
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Discover how to select, shape, and deliver your communication in a way that generates predictable results.
NLP Training

More About Neuro-Linguistic Programming

What is the Definition of NLP?

On this website, NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming, not Natural Language Processing which is focused upon artificial intelligence (AI) and modeling human learning and communication.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is considered a road map for the brain in the terms of helping you achieve your goals. We are all taught mathematics, history and a host of other subjects, but we are never taught how to achieve success, be a happy productive person or create harmonize relationships. NLP can help with these things.

What Does Neuro-Linguistic Programming Do for People?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming can teach you skills that will help you use your brain and emotions to create a life that is successful and happy. These skills help in your relationships with other people and increases your communication abilities. The skills learned will help you improve how you think, how you feel and how you behave. NLP is a expanding range of knowledge with outstanding techniques for achieving your life’s goals. NLP will also help you do whatever you do now better and it will also help you learn and master things you do not do now, but would like to. You will also be able to think more clearly, communicate better, control your moods, thoughts and behaviors easily and effectively.

NLP is About Modeling Human Behavior

Many people refer to Neuro Linguistic Programming as the study of success, science of achievement, and the technology of the mind. NLP is the study of what makes one person successful and another person a failure. What NLP does is study how successful people in all walks of life achieve their success. NLP then takes the approach that you can model these same habits and techniques that they used to achieve your own success. The net benefit of this model is it becomes a super highway to the practitioners success. You can learn in as little as couple hours what the experts have taken years to learn.

NLP received its name from Richard Bandler and John Grinder. The title came about as Neuro – The connection that are between the mind and body through neurological processes. Linguistic – Patterns of behavior and language that a person has learned from experience. And, Programming – The programming refers to conditioned behaviors that are imprinted on each and everyone of us.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming first came about in the 1970’s as a form of therapy that was able to tackle a wide area of problems that included depression, phobias, learning disorders and so on. NLP also brought to light the ability for an individual to bring out his true potential by overcoming previous learned limitations.

How Neuro Linguistic Programming Works to Enhance Human Behavior

As described earlier, we are all beings of conditioning. Obviously if we have positive and empowering traits and behaviors conditioned into our nervous system, then that is great. But the reality is, we all have certain negative or limiting conditioning also, such as fears and phobias, ways of acting or thinking that in some way causes hurt and harm to ourselves or others, and unconscious blocks that are stopping us from achieving our goals. If most or everything that we are a result of conditioning, then it would obviously be very beneficial to uncover whatever limiting conditioning is present and replace that with something positive. This is where NLP comes in very handy because its techniques and strategies were specifically made for this purpose.

Neuro Linguistic Programming helps you, or rather, your nervous system, disassociate itself from the limiting patterns it has coded and stored. To put it simply, it helps break the old limiting patterns that are not serving you positively anymore. Once that is done, NLP further helps by integrating and conditioning into your nervous system, the positive patterns that you want that will help you as you move forward. In case it is not clear to you yet, whatever is conditioned into your nervous system or mind, runs under automation. Things like smoking, biting your finger nails, being terrified of snakes, allergies, habits of procrastination, etc are all conditioned into your nervous system and all it takes for the pattern of behavior or fear etc to run, is certain conditions in your environment being met. So I’m sure you realize that it would be tremendously beneficial to remove all that limiting conditioning now.

How Does NLP Work?

If you are asking yourself how does NLP work, you may be one of hundreds of people who have started to explore the power of neuro-linguistic programming. NLP has been around for many years but in recent years it has gained a lot of attention and popularity. The main reason for this is that NLP is considered to be a powerful tool which can help people to develop their self-confidence and self-esteem. By using NLP techniques you can begin to understand your own behavior and then use that information to improve other areas of your life.


To understand how does NLP work you first need to understand the basics of neuro-linguistic programming. This is basically a set of processes which are designed to help us understand ourselves and our behavior. One of the most important aspects of this model is called Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). NLP is based on the idea that our inner communication with ourselves and others is affected by our experiences in the past. For example, if we have been dealt with abuse and violence at some point in our lives this will have an affect on how we deal with different situations now and how we communicate with others.


In order to understand how does NLP work it is important to first understand neuro-linguistic programming and how it is applied. NLP works by using two main models; one is called the Bandler model and the other is called the Cross-Faught model. The Bandler Model is based on neuro-linguistic programming's focus on eye accessing cues as a major factor in determining our behavior and attitude. The other model, known as the Cross-Faught Model, is more based on the work done by folkloric psychologists such as Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. Both of these models treat language not so much as a means of communication but as a tool through which an individual can access their personal feelings.


How does NLP work with neuro-linguistic programming techniques is by utilizing those techniques in order to help people overcome certain personality challenges, such as being shy, having difficulties in social situations or having problems relating to others. By using these methods you are not just reaching out to a different way of thinking but rather accessing your very own deeply buried subconscious desires. By doing this through NLP training centers you are able to achieve personal change because these desires and thoughts are reprogrammed in your mind.


When it comes to understanding how does NLP work it is important to understand that neuro-linguistic programming is not a set of tactics alone but rather a philosophy that are used in order to help people realize their hidden desires. What is meant by this is that you cannot simply tell someone to be nice or be confident or be open to other possibilities because these things have not been predetermined by the person. The reason for this is that these things are part of a person's personal reality and are not something they were born with nor did they come up with by themselves. By helping the person discover what their deepest desires are you are helping them to create a roadmap towards these desires. Once they have been uncovered through NLP techniques, then you have helped the individual to make intentional choices that will benefit them.


An important aspect of understanding how does NLP work is that through neuro-linguistic programming you are able to use techniques that will help people overcome their fears. If a person is afraid to go into a crowded room full of people, then through neuro-linguistic programming you can give them the training that they need to effectively overcome this fear. This can be accomplished by having the person do a short recognition project, which involves asking the person to look at a picture of a group of people in a room and then telling them about one negative experience they had as a child and how they dealt with it and eventually came to be successful. This story will allow the person to identify with the pain they felt as a child and hopefully to be able to avoid situations that cause this type of pain in the future. By using these stories with NLP techniques, you can help the person to realize that although their fears may be inhibiting their success now, with NLP they can overcome these barriers and become successful.

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