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For the best experience, when listening to the hypnosis audio sessions be sure to use headphones in a location where you can peacefully relax.

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Explore audio program categories utilizing the best techniques in neuro-linguistic programming, Ericksonian hypnosis, brainwave frequencies, and guided visualization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I teach myself hypnosis?

  • Yes, most certainly. There is more than just hypnotherapy training on this site. My goal is for you to have personal knowledge that hypnosis will work to help you have an experience not only solve challenges but to perceive opportunities.

Can I self-hypnosis myself?

  • All hypnosis self-hypnosis. My hypnosis mp3s simply help a person establish rapport with the unconscious mind.

Is it OK to fall asleep listening to hypnosis?

  • Of course... you're probably not asleep if you "wake up" right when the hypnosis experience ends. Hypnotherapists refer to this as deep hypnotic trance or somnambulism and only the best selection of programs and hypnosis mp3s can help you reach this state with more ease.

Are hypnosis apps dangerous?

  • No, not when made by professional and experienced hypnosis audio producers. You are the light in the world. Hypnotherapists cannot cause you to do to something against your will, beliefs or values while using hypnosis mp3s.

How successful is hypnosis for weight loss?

  • More hypnotherapists around the world than not sincerely believe hypnosis mp3s are helpful for a problem like weight loss because hypnosis techniques are successful for habit and belief change and more.

What is the best self hypnosis program?

  • Any of my hypnosis mp3s are a great place to start for more improvements! :)

What is the success rate of hypnotherapy?

  • That is hard to measure, but most top performers utilize some form of self hypnosis mp3s or use a hypnotherapist.

Can you be hypnotized online?

  • You bet! Around the world there are thousands of users of my mp3s who have had positive results from my work as a hypnotherapist.

Can I self hypnosis myself?

  • Yes, you "do" hypnosis all the time. Just update the quality of the messages you repeat to yourself in your mind to be more effective and become your own hypnotherapist with better suggestions.

How can I hypnotize myself instantly?

  • You don't need a hypnotherapist, you already have... Everyone in the world goes in and out of a hypnotic state multiple times per day if not per hour.

Can self hypnosis be dangerous?

  • Hypnosis is just a tool to use on yourself. I suppose a person somewhere in the world could poke an eye out with a spork but when doing self hypnosis sessions, you simply use a tool like an mp3, CD, or hypnotherapy recordings to get into a hypnotic state. It is more simple than one might suspect and a hypnotherapist just helps you to hold a space using suggestions.

What are Hypnosis Downloads?

Self Hypnosis Audio Downloads

How does hypnosis work?

I apply NLP techniques and conversational patterns through a category of questions that cause you to experience a trans-derivational search (TDS). As you go inward you will discover your own answers to my questions while listening to these self hypnosis audio sessions.

It is my intention that you find more than just one of these self-improvement resources in my hypnosis audios if you are looking for hypnosis downloads or hypnosis apps.

If you do not experience any beneficial results or change of mind, I will gladly offer you a same day money-back guarantee for my hypnotherapy content.

The higher goal of my self hypnosis audio sessions is a category of therapy designed to help you to heal from significant emotional events in the past.

During this process you will develop the internal resources necessary to boost your self-esteem. You will also develop an empowering model of the world that will help you behave differently for the rest of your life.

Hypnotherapy audios or commonly found products in a self-help library such a hypnosis CD or app have been anecdotally proven by millions of people.

Hypnosis techniques are a powerful resource to work with one's unconscious from the comfort of relaxing and private space. These mp3 downloads are an excellent way to relax and discover latent internal resources.

Self Hypnosis Audio Expectations

I am not sure what format category the technology for self hypnosis audio will utilize in the future. In the past century, we have gone from self hypnosis sessions on tapes to hypnosis CD formats to hypnotherapy mp3 download audio programs. And now, self hypnosis app formats.

Currently, the mp3 download is the most commonly used by professional hypnotherapists to transcode audio recordings in a way that generates results for their clients.

Hypnotherapy recordings as mp3 downloads, both as stand alone downloads or a collection in an app, deliver tremendous results for most people. People can have a healing listening experience and explore a state of trance and deep relaxation in their homes.

All the content on this site has all rights reserved, and if you are not fully happy with these hypnosis recordings then we offer a same day money back guarantee.

When it comes to digital hypnosis programs, I know you are taking a small risk when trying self hypnosis mp3 downloads.

Why Use Self Hypnosis Downloads?

What is it that makes self hypnosis downloads and hypnosis audios a powerful delivery method? Those seeking to improve mental health, change habits, improve the world, develop more self-confidence, and transform other important areas of life use hypnosis therapy.

The power of relaxation guided by the suggestions by skilled professional hypnotherapists in self hypnosis audio sessions is used by people around the world.

When it comes to a self hypnosis therapy session at home, the quality of the message and language will always outweigh the production quality of audio recordings and background music in the audio programs.

Not only will you boost self-esteem and awareness, you will unlock an internal sense of calm while using my hypnotherapy audios.

Self hypnosis is a very powerful process for relaxation. On a daily basis across the planet, thousands of people try hypnosis recordings at home for the first time.

The American Medical Association accepts self hypnosis recordings on a CD or mp3 as a way for people to gain control over their emotional state without having to go visit a hypnotherapist for a session.

Self hypnosis audio sessions tend to focus upon behavioral changes for people. This can be behaviors such as eating habits, weight loss, making friends, self acceptance, building esteem, managing stress and developing self-control.

Many people are uncertain about this category of work on the unconscious mind and do not want to risk disappointment of no results.. For this reason, most practitioners providing hypnosis offer a money-back guarantee to help people at least try their unique library of products.

My Hypnosis MP3 Downloads Difference

What makes the mp3 hypnosis downloads library on this site different from other products like an app or CD or other hypnosis formats for a computer?

From the moment you add my self hypnosis programs to the shopping cart, you have already found a unique method to change your thinking that will affect other areas of your life.

My coaching library of mp3 downloads are quite unique. They have reserved plenty of positive reviews by users on this site and numerous websites where thousands other audios, app, and CD, and computer products are sold.


Is it meditation, hypnotism, visualization, guided imagery, or what happens at that mark in time when you close your eyes and go inside while listening to these audio programs?

I personally believe the outcome is more important than the terminology because in my opinion the process of meditation is quite similar to that of a hypnosis session with quality scripts in the privacy of your home.


Visualization is a naturally occurring process. While visualizing, the internal content is focused upon, changed or manipulated. An engineer can visualize a schematic. An artist can visualize a sequence of phases through which a sculpture must undergo. And, an athlete can visualize a successful performance.

What happens with many people is they get caught up in the emotions of the moment. This generates a response that is typically not empowering and they visualize failed sequences or negative outcomes.

The subjects' physiology responds to the hypothetical negatives. And then, the person begins to lose what is referred to as state management. Essentially they rehearse the wrong outcome and perfect it.

Visualization can actually include the five senses and is not just left to the visual modality.


Hypnotic trance is similar to meditation.

It also alters brainwave frequencies, but the difference is very important.

Meditation is the process of letting go and objectively observing one’s own mind. Hypnotism is the process of letting go of attempting to control your mind while following instructions from a third party.

The key difference is that meditation attempts to reach a state of objective non-action. While on the other hand, hypnosis is very action-oriented. A skilled hypnotherapist will guide clients toward specific outcomes based upon the context of a session.

This is done to generate an unconscious response and relaxation.

Guided Imagery

Guided imagery is similar to hypnosis in that a third party is guiding an individual through a process. However, it lacks a change in brainwave frequency and deep relaxation. In fact, it is as simple as me instructing you to “think about a red car.”

And, in order for you to process this instruction, you have had to think about a red car.

Now, guided imagery can certainly turn into hypnosis. This is done through the process of what is common referred to as trance induction.

This is an alteration of brainwave frequencies typically from a beta wave frequency range down into a theta or delta frequency range.

Hypnosis Audios Change You

Once the cup is empty, fill it with better resources and this is where guided imagery, hypnosis audios, NLP and visualization products come into play. Together and throughout my work, my goal is to provide you with powerful internal resources that shape your external reality.

I do so using brainwave frequencies, binaural beats, NLP language precision, conversational hypnosis audios and meditation music.

This will empower you to be who you know you can be in the comfort of your home. If you are concerned about losing something, you can always take advantage of my same day money back guarantee.

If you are doing a review of some of the best self-help products or a hypnosis MP3 category of program to add to your personal success library then you have found the best website.

These programs will help you to change your mind, life, spiritual meditation music to feed your soul, manage your thoughts, and  generate personal power. My guided imagery downloads or mental tools that will compel you to take action and change your course through life.

If you are not completely satisfied, then you can rest assured that a money-back guarantee is available.

Free Hypnosis MP3s

What are the coincidences that you're searching for something like self-improvement, self hypnosis for sleep, the best hypnosis website, or tutorials on how to do self hypnosis?

And, you find yourself here learning about hypnotherapy while reading this page. The learning and the personal breakthrough you will find the moment you hear my voice in the headphones or listening device will be in the form of results unrivaled…

You're even free to remember this day clearly for the rest of your life. The monumental decision to use self hypnosis audio programs.

Looking back, it may stand out as the important period in time during which you made a decision to be, do, have... more.

To experience a different world, in which one is surrouned by opportunities and possibilies. Your world is transforming into one that you will scarcely recognize because your beliefs and habits are changing.

You may see it as an investment of time and money for a hypnotherapy session online, but over the years it has paid off in ways that are priceless. The most important thing to know is that:  all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

The best free self hypnosis downloads just cannot compare to just reading a lot of the information on the internet that readers have to go through when deciding which recordings to use.

Self Hypnosis Program Considerations

If you do your research on the subject, here are plenty of YouTube sleep hypnosis, street hypnosis YouTube videos, mp3 downloads, and other self hypnosis online videos that can be downloaded.

The best, ultra deep hypnosis occurs through NLP language patterns, brainwave frequency music and Ericksonian hypnosis.

There are no cliché inductions needed… only knowing you’re willing to transform now aren’t you and pay closer attention to your self-improvement through guided hypnosis.

If a money-back guarantee is important, then rest assured if you are not fully satisfied with the pricing offers for this self-improvement content and mp3s that you can get a refund. All I ask is your consent to shift your awareness to positive outcomes.

My goal for this page, with your consent, is to create the best hypnosis session you have ever tried with a powerful voice addressing topics ranging from weight loss, to sports performance, to confidence, anxiety management, team work, approach anxiety, and more ways to understand your brain.

Regarding the security of your data on this website and use of cookies, you can rest assured your data and personal information is  protected.

If you enjoy my hypnosis audios, then please add to the positive reviews and if you are looking for self hypnosis related information, then be aware that my content categories have all rights reserved, we do collect cookies, and results may vary.

This site has no affiliation with uncommon knowledge, Rebekah Hall, or any other hypnotherapists or script writers, and we do collect cookies. All rights are reserved for both products and website content.

You can join my newsletter to stay up to date with any customer service or new product announcements. If you are unsafitisfied with my programs, I offer a same day money back guarantee.

Hypnosis sessions results will vary for each individual and keep in my that hypnotherapy sessions are different from the downloads available on this site. Trust your unconscious mind to guide you into a state of optimal being as you experience the unleashing of your full potential through each download.

All Rights Reserved - Michael J. Emery

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