• Take Control of Your Future
  • Take Control of Your Future
  • Take Control of Your Future
  • Take Control of Your Future
  • Take Control of Your Future
  • Take Control of Your Future
  • Take Control of Your Future
  • Take Control of Your Future

Take Control of Your Future

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(Direct Download: 90 minute mp3 audio and a colorful, detailed 60 page PDF)

Here are the first 20 minutes of the 90 minute workshop:


Take Control of Your Future: Facing Fears, Identifying Resources, & Breaking Through the Barriers to Success is a workshop specifically developed for a Fortune 500 company undergoing a series of layoffs and downsizing.

In this motivational workshop recording, you'll learn the difference between fear and anxiety and how to reframe it by following the processes outlined by Michael. In doing so, you will train your physiology to respond positively to change.

After all, change is inevitable, isn't it?

Much of our fear or anxiety surrounding the topic of change is due to the fact that the majority of people associate change with negative outcomes. When this happens to a person, one has to go inside his or her mind and create a hypothetical situation with a negative ending. This typically causes people to lose their sense of personal power, which is what is dramatically needed in these current economic times.

If you are a person who is concerned about the stability of your economic future, then the contents of this 90 minute audio recording and the 60 page PDF will empower you to reestablish your sense of security, find optimism, and the tap into motivation to go out and make your life the fulfilling experience it has all the potential to be.

At the original recording, over 70 people were in
attendance at this workshop and the presentation was very well-received. The
representative of the company wrote a great letter of recommendation
for Michael that you can read here: Letter of Recommendation

Embedded into this workshop are conversational hypnosis techniques, nested loops, and NLP reframes that will cause the listener to continuously find new, empowering ways to perceive old situations. In this, is the ability to Take Control of Your Future.

Be Amazing.

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