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    Attracting Wealth - Add Value to Others

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    You Do Deserve To Live Life To Its Fullest, Don't You?

    What If The Only Thing That Separates You From The Life You Truly Want Has Been Impatiently Waiting For Today...?

    What does the word wealth mean to you?

    Does it conjure up any images in your mind?

    Maybe it sounds like something that would be nice, but is just so far away from reality for you...?

    A funny question perhaps, but what would be different if you were to wake up tomorrow... wealthy?

    Go ahead, feel free to imagine this for just a second...

    Now, there is a subtle difference in this question - how would you be different tomorrow if you were wealthy?

    For many people, the word wealth brings about images of luxurious things and how great it would feel to have a lavish lifestyle. And I'm not saying that this isn't wealth, but there is a small ingredient that makes the difference.

    You see, I've studied the lives of many rich and wealthy individuals, and the most predictable and consistent formula that they have routinely used in their success is this: Be + Do = Have.

    In case this sounds esoteric - it is, because it's counter-intuitive nature is overlooked by the majority of people.

    "Be" represents the thoughts/beliefs/values that would be present if you were already wealthy.

    "Do" stands for the actions you would already be taking as a wealthy person - some people confuse this with spending money. Rather, it concerns the actions you would be taking to create unique ways of adding value to others' lives; from these actions the many forms of wealth begin to flow.

    "Have" is really the side-effect of the many ways your Being and Doing have resulted in adding value to the rest of the world.

    When kept in this perspective, you'll unsurprisingly find that it's much easier and much more powerful to focus on the value and experience that someone else with receive from their interaction with you or what you have created.

    This is the secret behind satisfactory, long-term wealth. I'm sure you have heard of the occasional lottery winner who receives an enormous sum of money, and sadly, the not-so-surprising interview they have a few years later on a national talk show a about how they lost everything and are now worse-off than they were before winning the lottery. I've heard it estimated that roughly 80% of lottery winners experience such a loss.

    What happens?

    At the heart of what happens, the foundational principles of attracting wealth are violated and like a ship without a rudder there is no way to control the course of wealth management in such a person's life. When someone wins such a sum of money, they go directly to the "Have" part of of the equation without becoming congruent in their purpose for the money. There are no guiding principles or beliefs with which one can align. This situation is usually unforeseen as such a person has likely been doing things that do not take others' well-being into consideration, yet all the while trying to be validated by the very same people. Such an experience never requires any personal development, any honesty regarding their personal shortcomings, and no need for self-understanding.

    The Attracting Wealth audio program will take you through several exercises specifically designed to strengthen your sense of deservedness, align your purpose with your values, integrate new ways of attracting wealth into your life and creating clarity in your unique way of living in abundance.

    It's a priceless way to begin your unique way of Attracting Wealth today.

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