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What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a trance-like state of mind in which a higher degree of attention is placed upon internal processes over external elements in one's immediate environment. Hypnotism can occur through fixation, relaxation, interruption, repetition, and direct induction. In this heightened state of mind, the person experiencing hypnotic trance is more open to suggestions and typically experiences enhanced recall, imagination, and visualization abilities.

I feel it is important to clearly state my belief that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis and no hypnotic subject can be directly forced to do something against his or her will. I would also point out that most of my hypnotherapy sessions focus upon what actually could be considered de-hypnosis as I also believe that we are our own most powerful hypnotists and most people have years of non-beneficial hypnosis that have accumulated regarding their identities, their capabilities, and limiting beliefs about their paradigms.



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There are a number of ways I can help you to utilize hypnosis ranging from hypnotherapy sessions to hypnosis audio programs addressing common topics.


Hypnotherapy sessions are a powerful way to heal and create internal congruence.

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Hypnosis audios are a helpful way to learn about and experience hypnotherapy.
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All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Learn more about self-hypnosis and how to use it.

Sleep Hypnosis

Sleep hypnosis is a very common topic and an excellent way to relax.
Sleep Hypnosis

Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a very effective habit-changing tool that has been used for decades.
Stop-Smoking Hypnosis

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Weight loss hypnosis can help you to change beliefs and create new strategies.
Weight Loss Hypnosis

Anxiety Hypnosis

Hypnosis can help you to relax, center yourself and let go of past and future worries.
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Conversational Hypnosis

Discover how to use hypnosis during your daily personal and professional conversations.
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Ericksonian Hypnosis

Experience hypnosis modeled upon Dr. Milton Erickson's approach to clinical hypnosis.
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Indirect Hypnosis

Indirect and covert hypnosis are ways to embed content into normal conversations.
Indirect Hypnosis
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Why not explore in a greater detail a very unique hypnosis training opportunity that will transform and enhance the way you communicate...internally and externally?
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More About Hypnosis

What is Hypnosis?

What is hypnosis? The answer is a complicated one, however, the results of many studies are beginning to show that hypnosis is a real and measurable phenomenon. Clinical hypnosis has been around for quite some time, however it was not until recently that science was able to measure its effectiveness objectively. Today, there are many institutions that offer hypnotherapy as a therapy for many different types of mental disorders. In the clinical setting, the term hypnosis can be used to refer to any or all of the following: altered states of consciousness, such as stage hypnosis, self-hypnosis, or hypnosurgery; relaxation and analgesia; the emergence of new beliefs or reality patterns; or the cessation of a series of behaviors or thoughts. Any or all of these conditions can be a useful tool for improving one's mental health.


Hypnosis is nothing more than an altered state of consciousness that can be induced by either a hypnotist or subject through the use of specialized stimuli. During the altered state of consciousness, suggestions (subliminal messages) are introduced into the mind of the hypnotized person. These suggestions are then processed and acted upon by the conscious mind. The goal of the process is to help the individual develop a new type of thought pattern or belief system that is in line with the goals and desires of the person undergoing hypnosis. Hypnosis can also be administered to individuals who have been hypnotized in the therapeutic treatment of clinical hypnotherapy, although it is less common.


Hypnosis can be induced in a person in a number of different ways. For example, the qualified hypnotist may deliver a topical anesthetic while the patient is under hypnosis, or the hypnotherapist may use a combination of light and sound therapies to induce the trance state. In addition, the unconscious mind may be exposed to specific memories during a hypnotherapist-led hypnosis session. If this happens, it is considered therapeutic hypnosis. In therapeutic hypnotherapy, the focus is on unblocking the communication channels between the conscious and subconscious mind.


There are several ways to obtain hypnotherapy training. Many an aspiring hypnotherapist can find out the basics of hypnotherapy by enrolling in a short course given at a wellness institute. During a course like this, candidates will learn how to recognize and deal with various types of clients, how to design sessions that will help the client achieve optimal results, how to set up an environment that promotes relaxation, and how to select a skilled professional to perform hypnotherapists. These training courses are designed by professional hypnotherapists who have spent years acquiring and mastering their craft, and they offer students a comprehensive overview of the art of hypnotherapy along with the opportunity to practice in an outpatient setting with a medical doctor.


After completing an adequate hypnotherapist course, a person may be able to open up distant memories or retrieve information about previously buried traumas. Some hypnotherapists use conversational hypnosis, which involves relaxing the subject into a deep trance state and then gently stimulating his/her subconscious mind with embedded commands and suggestions. Other hypnotherapists attempt to give patients' self-help hypnosis sessions. In these sessions, the subject gives general instructions about relaxation, stress reduction, and confidence building. This type of self-help hypnotherapy can be useful for people who are trying to quit smoking or overcoming other addictions. In addition, self-help hypnotherapists can also help patients manage severe depression, anxiety, and phobias.


If you are interested in becoming a hypnotherapist or in learning more about hypnotherapy, check out a local hypnotherapy school. You can also find out what is hypnosis online. While it is difficult to get trained in the art of hypnotherapy without the assistance of a skilled professional, anyone can learn the techniques of hypnotherapy if they have the desire to do so. If your issue is mental health issues, self-help hypnotherapy can be very helpful.

Should I Only Consider Hypnosis Near Me?

"I just wanted to find a local hypnotherapist near me," you might say. "How hard can that be?" It's actually easier than you think. With the Internet, the power of voice recording and email, you can easily find hypnosis near me. In-person hypnosis is slightly more advantageous for the hypnotherapist since there are more subtle cues to read but for the client it really might not make that much difference. 


You can find hypnosis near me anywhere on the Internet. There are dozens of hypnotherapy online directories where you can find a local hypnotherapist, as well as those in your area. You'll probably be surprised at how many options are available. But before you start looking, you should know a few things to keep in mind.


- Make sure the hypnotherapist has experience and credentials. Call around and find out what hypnotherapists in your area have done and who they've worked for. You don't want to end up working with someone who's never been certified and doesn't have a great reputation. If you can, find a hypnotherapist who has experience working with your problem, whether it's smoking addiction, weight loss, gambling addiction, or any other issue.


- Find a hypnotherapist who is willing to work with you. You don't want to just take someone's word for it. If you feel you are being sold a lie, don't work with that hypnotherapist. Take the time to find out what you can about the practice before you sign on the dotted line. A good hypnotherapist will always be willing to speak to you about any concerns you might have, no matter how small they seem. Just be honest about what you want from your hypnotherapy session, and you should be able to find a hypnotherapist who's willing to work with you.


- Make sure you choose a practitioner who is local. This may sound obvious, but the majority of people find hypnotherapists near them through a referral. So if you want hypnotherapy with a hypnotherapist who is locally available, you need to find a local hypnotherapist to consult with. Many of the leading practitioners in the industry are located in major cities throughout the United States, Canada, the UK, and Australia so you shouldn't have any trouble finding a suitable practitioner.


- Make sure you find a hypnotherapist who is experienced in treating your specific issue. It can be extremely risky to suddenly stop certain substances (hard drugs, long-term alcohol usage, etc) so be sure to speak with a qualified medical expert. Many of the leading hypnotherapists are familiar with alcohol and drug topics, but you really want someone who knows how to treat specific addiction issues. You can always ask your local hospital or mental health center for recommendations. If you are in need of additional testing or counseling after treatment, it can always be done at an outpatient facility.

Does Online Hypnosis Work?

Does online hypnotherapy work? Online hypnotherapy is a form of hypnosis, but with no physical proximity with a hypnotherapist, which in this day and age is actually a benefit. Many people want to quit smoking, lose weight, manage anxiety, and overcome fears and phobias, but for many people the thought of experiencing hypnotherapy via the internet just isn't feasible. Well, of course, all these questions are rhetorical, because yes, online hypnotherapy works. There's recently been some recent research conducted that shows that online hypnotherapy is actually just as efficient as real-life hypnotherapy.


So how does online hypnotherapy work? Well, first of all the concept is quite simple. You visit an online hypnotherapist who will teach you how to achieve a hypnotic state. During this hypnotic state, you are under no obligation to do anything; you simply feel yourself being relaxed. This is achieved by a hypnotherapist by using techniques such as embedded commands, imagined speech and progressive muscle relaxation.


Online hypnotherapy is conducted in sessions lasting from one hour to four hours. The length of each session depends on the level of hypnosis required. Hypnotic induction takes place at the start of the session so that your subconscious mind is open to suggestion immediately. You have a choice of whether to continue to relax in the present or to explore themes which will be introduced during your next session. For example you could explore topics like childhood trauma and negative beliefs, or you could explore topics that are more positive, such as creativity, spirituality, love, and healthy dieting.


The primary advantage of hypnotherapy when conducted over the internet is that it can work irrespective of geographical location. In fact, if you live in the countryside and want to undergo hypnotherapy, you can easily find hypnotherapy online. It is also relatively inexpensive because there is no travel costs involved. If you want to undergo hypnotherapy offline, it would be much more expensive because you would have to make regular trips to your local hypnotherapy center or health center.


Another advantage of hypnotherapy conducted online is that you can easily find a hypnotherapist who is suitable to you, since everyone can find success with hypnotherapy at some stage in their lives. If you cannot find a hypnotherapist locally, you can try to find them online. Simply search for hypnotherapy via a search engine and you will find numerous websites offering hypnotherapy session over the internet. These hypnotherapists would usually have their own websites where they have profiles and photographs. You can then contact them via email or instant message and arrange for a one-to-one session or a telephone consultation.


You might want to use one of the various Zoom Hypnosis techniques to help you achieve hypnotherapy sessions that work. The two most popular techniques are eye movement desensitization and eye movement coagulation. Using eye movement desensitization you will work on a target area of the brain through the eye movement; for example moving your eyes left and right while talking. With the help of eye movement coagulation you will apply heat to a particular problem spot on the brain, which causes it to relax. You then work directly on the relaxed area, which should produce a positive response.

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