Weight Loss Hypnosis Will Help You Drop Weight and Keep It Off


How Successful Is Hypnosis for Weight Loss?

When you think of hypnosis, it’s generally related to putting people in a trance, and making them do things they don’t believe or think they can do or say. However did you know that hypnosis is also helpful at losing weight? Weight loss hypnosis is one topic that most people are interested in, and it has been a successful solution for people all around the globe

Ways how weight loss hypnosis actually works

Although people are skeptical about this approach, hypnosis has been used for counting calories and carbs not today, but for a few centuries! It’s only recently that there’s some scientific evidence supporting the legality of weight loss hypnosis as it’s rather difficult to accept the fact that you can actually lose weight just by compelling someone to do so, through this mind-over-body approach.

Hypnosis weight loss programs help you achieve personal responsibility

Hypnotherapists believe that you needn’t go on a crash diet or a strict exercise regime as slimming is all about trusting your inner abilities. You have to trust and hold yourself responsible for losing weight, just as you hold yourself responsible for falling when you learn cycling. You have to keep telling or rather hypnotizing yourself that you can do it, and with time and practice, you will start losing weight once you find your balance in life.

You can lose weight through hypnosis by learning to stay positive

Weight loss hypnosis lies in thinking positive about your endeavors. You don’t keep telling yourself that it’s wrong or you can’t eat ice-cream. This only builds up negativity in you which hampers your weight loss efforts. Instead, you have to keep telling yourself and your body that you have to eat healthy to live long and for your body’s improved health. Once you make it a habit to write a magic weight loss applicable mantra every day, the same thoughts are imbibed in yourself and you find it so much easier to lose weight.

Self hypnosis weight loss visualizations really do work to change your body image

You need to visualize yourself as a thin person and keep thinking of healthy eating and taking the necessary steps to become a healthy eater. This is similar to the victory athletes visualize and pushes them to victory. If you find it difficult visualizing yourself as a thin person, just keep an old photograph of yourself when you were at a better weight and remember your everyday routine back then. This helps you concentrate on reaching a slimmer body, and helps you reach your goals.

Hypnosis to lose weight will help you to get rid of food cravings

Weight loss hypnosis experts suggest you to put all your food cravings on a cloud or hot air balloon so that they can be sent far, far away. You need to think of something more powerful than your cravings, which will help you push these cravings to the back and slowly out of your mind so that you don’t feel like going on unhealthy food binges.

If you want to lose weight through hypnosis, it will help you mentally keep track of the food you eat

Weight loss hypnosis is more effective if you maintain a food journal which keeps track of all the food you eat. You also have to mention what made you go on a binge, or why you ate that full bar of chocolate so that you can avoid the same circumstances and temptations in the future.

It won’t be instant but you can learn to do your own ideal weight hypnosis

Don’t think that you can lose weight through hypnosis overnight. Just like anything else in life, you need to go through a few hypnosis sessions to shape up your diet and see changes in your health and lifestyle. For example, all it takes is spending 15 minutes a day silently repeating a positive, weight loss related suggestion, and you will soon see a transformation in your eating pattern and a positive outcome on your weight and physique.

You will learn to keep the weight off by becoming personally responsible

Weight loss hypnosis downloads support the occasional relapse of overindulgence as you can learn from it. You can find out what triggered the episode, how you can avoid it and what you can do the next time you are faced with a similar predicament or situation or rather temptations!

Get the free hypnosis weight loss audio program we offer

So now you know what and how you can lose weight through hypnosis, you should be aware of its pros and cons too. Its main advantage is obviously that you can lose weight without any weight loss surgery, incisions and anesthesia. You also have nothing to lose weight loss hypnosis as you just have to ‘program’ yourself to eat right, think positive and visualize a healthy and slim self.

The only disadvantage of this weight loss option is that it may not work for everyone as it’s not easy for some people to concentrate so much on positive thoughts and visions. There are some people who still think that the best way to lose weight is through diet and exercise, which can also be a form of weight loss hypnosis. It is this belief in them to continue dieting and exercising that helps them lose weight!

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