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    Applying Anger - Convert Anger to Motivation

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    Even As Far Back As Childhood You Were Probably Taught Anger Is "Bad"... In Doing So, You Were Robbed Of One Of Your Greatest Sources Of Personal Power. Take It Back, Today.

    Life happens and one of the things you can count on routinely being exposed to is anger. Hey, even if you don't want to think that it affects you, it does because it is becoming more and more undeniable that our thoughts and actions influence the rest of the world. In fact, remember this the next time you are driving in traffic and someone cuts you off. Or, when someone tries to force their political, religious or personal beliefs upon you. How far can they go before you experience anger?

    It's all around you - all the time gently balanced upon the pivotal point between animal savagery and human benevolence. Even in light of your own goals, desires and aspirations - how many times do you have to not get what you want before you experience frustration followed by anger? You were likely taught to be afraid of letting anger get out of control. So you push it down inside and try to be calm.

    Meanwhile, the pressure just builds and instead of focusing it as you can - it just blows up one day. But come on, haven't you ever been really angry? I mean really, REALLY angry...? What happened next? Perhaps after a few hours, if not days, it kind of went away... and things went back to normal? But did it really go away? There are too many reasons to list why someone might feel anger... It could have been because of the person who cut you off while driving, something a parent did or did not do, perhaps someone you trusted hurt you, maybe its something about who you are, or the way that a complete stranger insulted you. Whatever the things were that came to mind, I'd guess that you can still get in touch with that feeling of anger about that situation. Even the fact that I'm bringing up this topic might be uncomfortable - no matter how curious you are to see where it might lead.

    I've found that, in general, our society is very afraid of anger and for many individuals, instead of finding a healthy way to process a situation in which they have experienced anger, we often just repress the feelings we are experiencing. Such feelings build up and because there is usually no constructive way to release them, they remain with us and in some cases may even have physiological side effects such as ulcers, digestive problems, panic attacks and other health complications that have been attributed to emotional causes.

    But, what if your anger was perceived to be like a fuel? Most people are afraid to even show anger because they don't trust that they can experience anger and still be in control. What if you could? What things in your life could you apply all energy this toward? Applying Anger is a unique 30-minute program that creates a private, safe place for a person to experience and redirect their anger. When directed and applied, anger can become one of your most powerful resources for achieving what you want in life.

    In addition to this, you free yourself from the emotional baggage that anger can become if it is not released in a constructive manner. Now that you are aware of a way to find more energy to do the things that are important to you - it doesn't make much sense to not begin to apply your anger beginning today, does it?

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