November 27, 2020

The Call - The Hero's Journey Hypnosis

(Direct Download: 37 minute mp3 audio program)

This program was originally based off of work I did in grad school around men finding purpose in life by experiencing the monomyth -- or what Joseph Campbell referred to as the "Hero's Journey". (It is readily applicable to either gender.)

The Call is an NLP and self-hypnosis audio program for men to discover their life purpose. It is a tribute to Joseph Campbell and his monumental work, The Hero's Journey.

Do You Ever Find Yourself Bored With The Seemingly Mundane And Insignificant Events That Are Happening Around You...?

Have You Ever Dreamed That Life Can Be Much Bigger, Brighter And
Meaningful? And When It Becomes This Way, How Will Things Be Better For

Understand that as you continue to read this, you are being called to the Hero's Journey...

I'm reminded of a quote by Thoreau written over 150 years ago, "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation."

It seems that more and more men are becoming disillusioned with the
life that is most readily available to them today. Instead of boldly
championing a cause and pursuing something purposeful, how often do we
shrink in the face of mediocrity? Does it ever seem as though no matter
what you might have, you always want more?

Have you ever pursued a woman until she was attracted to you -
becoming your girlfriend or wife, then for reasons you can't explain
you lose interest and the relationship begins to unravel...? In your
career, you might not feel motivated at all - or, you work hard,
receive the accolades of your associates and management, receive a
bonus and then you learn that the quota has been raised and your
compensation is being decreased...

Or perhaps, you find yourself on the other end of these
experiences. Women are not attracted to you for reasons that are
outside of your perception and no matter how hard you try, you just
don't seem to be able to make any career work. I've talked to a lot of
men and women about these dilemmas, and The Call is the first step to
take if you are unsure how to put the important elements of you life
together in a way that leads you to an empowering sense of purpose and

The Call is an audio program based specifically upon the elements
found in Joseph Campell's literary work, The Hero With A Thousand
Faces. Although this program is designed specifically for the Western
male, it contains various experiences that will be compellingly
powerful for anyone.

If you have experienced a disempowering childhood, find that your
parents still play a more powerful role in your life than you feel is
healthy, or if you are coming out of a strongly dogmatic background
with its roots in organized religion, and you are looking for answers
then I encourage you to consider this program.

More and more men are finding that the beliefs, experiences and
values that shaped their upbringing did not prepare them to get what
they want out of life. Whether that be with their careers, in their
intimate relationships, their social life, and many other elements of
life. Resolution is needed in order to move toward what you want in
life, but the traditional means of getting it have not been that

Now you have a resource to guide you through the process of
identifying and cutting away the old ties to the past while creating a
future that is aligned with your goals and desires. It is no secret
that more men than not live quiet lives of desperation; often wishing
and hoping that something compelling enough would happen to push them
out of the downward spiral of mediocrity in which they feel caught.
This program empowers men to take the required steps for identifying a
life purpose that is both compelling and meaningful.

Consider the state of affairs in the world today... Now more than
ever, you are needed. Powerful, benevolent men who live purposefully
and compassionately are what the world desperately desires. Answer -
The Call - today, and you will notice how everything changes...



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