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    • Track 1: A+ Student 1 - Program overview and guided imagery techniques. 
    • Track 2: A+ Student 2 - Theta brainwaves that are effective for studying, writing, memorization, and focused reading. 
    • Track 3: Alpha Brainwave - Effective for active learning, presenting, and acting. 
    • Track 4: Delta Brainwave - Effective for deep meditation, brainstorming, and drawing upon intuition.

    How often have you wasted a ton of time trying to just start studying?

    One of the biggest obstacles for students of all ages is finding a way to effectively study, learn, and complete assignments without being distracted. Often students waste more time with distractions than they spend actually studying. The reason why is they don't have a strategy that they use consistently when it is time to study or do homework and all of the concerns and thoughts on the forefront of their minds distract them.

    The A+ Student program will guide you through a visualization technique that...

    Will teach you how to store visual information using eye accessing patterns, because developing an effective strategy for memorization and learning is necessary for instant recall of information.

    The next important criteria is understanding how different brainwave frequencies affect your ability to do certain tasks.

    One of the reasons why it can be difficult to begin studying...

    Is because your brainwaves are usually resonating in the beta frequency range - the normal state for busy and anxious thinking.

    Unless you've spent a lot of time meditating, you're probably not going to be able to slow down your brainwave frequency to theta brainwave range in just a few minutes, but with these audio tracks you can quickly reach specific brainwave ranges that will enhance your ability to study and learn. By using the A+ Student program you will be able to utilize an effective learning strategy and you have a tool that will help you quickly reach specific brainwave frequencies.

    Stop wasting your precious time and start studying effectively today with the A+ Student program.

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