February 8, 2021

ASI - Identifying with Your Favorite Athlete

“The only one who can beat me, is me.” – Michael Johnson, Olympic Gold Medalist

Advanced Sports Imagery for Athletes is a 26-part audio program series for athletes that will teach you how to apply the best techniques in the fields of guided imagery, sports psychology, self-hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

Many athletes are self-defeating. Prior to a sports-related competition, more athletes than not have already prepared themselves to lose – not win, because they are not aware of the ways to do otherwise… Of course, it makes sense that if an athlete wants to win consistently there are important things to do on the outside (physically) and on the inside (mentally) to succeed, right?

In most sports, the majority of the emphasis is placed upon outer game skills such as physical conditioning, endurance training, and exercises related to a specific sport. The inner game is a bit more elusive… Exceptional athletes at every level tend to develop inner game skills like an understanding of the rules, strategies, and psychology of a specific sport. Yet, the most important element that completes the outer game and inner game skills is the athlete’s ability to change his or her beliefs and learn to control his or her emotions, mindset and actions.

Album 1

  1. Overview 1 of 2
  2. Overview 2 of 2
  3. Pre-Practice Warm Up
  4. Post-Practice Cool Down
  5. Beliefs for Atheletes
  6. Your Identity as an Athlete
  7. Re-Framing Negative Behaviors and Experiences
  8. Pre-Competition Warm Up
  9. Post-Competition Cool Down
  10. Anchors and Synesthesias Flow State for Athletes
  11. Stop Making Excuses
  12. Coaching Communication


Album 2

  1. Why Do You Compete
  2. Future Pace
  3. In the Zone for the Season
  4. Rest and Recovery 1
  5. Rest and Recovery 2
  6. Get Rid of Fear and Anger
  7. Pure Concentration With No Distractions
  8. Peak Performance Under Pressure
  9. Teamwork
  10. Big Picture Learning
  11. Identifying with Your Favorite Athlete
  12. End Limiting Self-Talk
  13. Get Out of Anger and Frustration


Yes, through these audio programs I can help you perform better, have a better attitude, improve communication, create an empowering self-identity, and more…

The best Olympic and Professional athletes all over the world realize, and openly admit, that their successes begin and end in their minds. Planning ahead means having the opportunity to know oneself and turn weaknesses into strengths. This requires the ability to pay attention to one’s thoughts and understand how to quickly reframe a situation in order to create a positive outcome – by design.

If I have your interest, and you get what I am talking about, we would likely agree that athletics at the high school and collegiate level are a practical training ground for interpersonal skills and personal development. My goal, if all of this interests you, is to add value to your life and help you perceive the options that will lead to experiences that are significant and meaningful for you.

Here is the difference, in a year or two the gear that you have purchased will probably go into the garbage. However, the life skills that have helped you win will continue to improve and open doors for you for the rest of your life…

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