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    Get Out of Stuck

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    Get Out of Stuck is a transformational video training that can be used an infinite number of times in order to change behavior, plan for a specific event, and create new neural pathways for flexibility and learning.

    Personal development coaches and training partners, Diane Ulicsni and Michael J. Emery, lead the viewer through an insightful and enjoyable process designed to eradicate limiting behaviors and reactions that have resulting in the loss of motivation, procrastination, and other self-defeating behaviors in the past.

    Instead of being limited by an auto-pilot reaction to a situation, learn how to change and adapt your responses - by design.

    Together, Diane and Michael, guide the viewer through an easy-to-follow process that empowers the user of this program to identify the often-overlooked, subconscious components of decision-making that have been resulting in the negative sensation of feeling "stuck". Diane and Michael had the idea for this breakthrough video because so many of their clients used this word to describe experiences in which they were encountering procrastination, fear, overwhelm, limiting beliefs, negative self talk, and making big pictures of imagined scenarios that resulted in them feeling bad about future possibilities.

    In this 70-minute breakthrough video, the viewer will learn how to apply powerful NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and Ericksonian hypnosis techniques to the challenges or problems at hand and those in the foreseeable future.

    If we have your interest, and you're considering the possible ways that this video can empower you to transform your life, then you'll probably like to know that by watching this video and completing the included exercises you will learn NLP submodalities, linguistic reframes, timeline imagery, anchor creation, collapsing triggers, embedded commands and much more. When applied, this video will empower the viewer to experience a transformational breakthrough and understand how to get out of "stuck" behavior or limiting patterns in the future.

    Be amazing.

    In order to learn more about Diane Ulicsni, visit www.dianeu.com.

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