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    Sheer Resolve to Do What It Takes

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    Burn the ships behind you... There are some things in life which require more than just a little motivation and effort. And, there are certain things an individual must resolve to do because it is absolutely critical to his or her future and living without it is inconceivable.

    Very few people live with a burning sense of conviction that they must do something specific; something compelling that constantly runs through their minds. To the point that even friends and family members question their dedication to such an idea; even mocking it because they don’t understand its compelling power over your life.

    Even though this may not be you yet, you will have an opportunity to decide for yourself; to take the plunge into sheer resolve – or not. Either way, it is your decision... Ask professionals in any field, writers, musicians, actors, medical doctors, athletes, entrepreneurs, thought revolutionaries , etc… Those who are successful saw the potential far before their customers, clients, beneficiaries, followers, fans, friends, and family members ever saw the final outcome of this individual’s resolve. A person like this has already determined the course of his or her life. People like this feel it in their bones; every conversation drifts to their topics of interest; they wake in the middle of the night with new insights and revelations.

    Most people just don’t get it, and you’re not alone if you’ve thought this. One moment they’ll laugh at you; mock your dedication and question the ways you spend your time and resources –  even telling you outright that you are wasting your time and should focus on enjoying life and all that stuff you have been missing. But, the moment your efforts gain attention or show the slightest glimmer of hope they’ll say they thought it was a good idea. When your efforts translate into a measurable result and people you do not personally know are impressed by it then those people who doubted you in the past will state they always thought you had a good idea and they thought you should stick with it. When your resolve has paid off and the outcome of it is wildly successful, those people will tell anyone who will listen how they knew you from the very beginning and knew without a doubt that you would always be successful.

    I’m sure you get the irony in this…

    Do what you want with that information, but I believe most of us have experienced someone or a group of people just like that. They’re not doing anything particularly innovative or extraordinary with their lives and as long as you don’t rock the boat – they’d love to have you participate in good times at the sacrifice of your ideas and ideal outcomes.

    Now, make sure you understand me I’m saying it’s good to enjoy life – just be aware that some of your largest distractions or temptations may come from people who say they are your friend or care about your well being. It’s not that they have bad intentions - it’s just that they don’t understand the importance of what you are doing. And, it’s usually not worth trying to convert them to believing in you because… Well… they just perceive you as their friend, daughter, son, neighbor, co-worker, parent, etc. They can’t perceive you beyond that role you have been playing in their lives.

    As you apply Sheer Resolve to Do What It Takes to a specific outcome the encouragement you receive will come from those who are seeking the value you have to offer. They will get what you are about and they will perceive you under a totally different light. A light that most of those who know you can’t see… yet.

    There is something that you know you can do differently if you just had the inner resolve to do what it takes beginning today with this NLP mp3 / Visualization mp3.

    Be amazing.

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