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    This is quite possibly one of my most playful audio programs to date. Just Your Luck is really about you, and people all over the world, reclaiming your self-autonomy and choosing to live in an empowering way. Trusting... that more people are joining you every day; sharing similar values that promote individual and collective well-being.

    One of my points in this program is that you always have a choice as to how you are going to process and perceive information, events, circumstances and the way your life unfolds. In light of all of this, what if I can help in a specific way, to pay attention to
    your unconscious… mind? And, the signals that signal you're in the wrong place at the wrong time - so that you'll know when to get out of there by having the insight to quickly and quietly remove yourself. And, likewise, how you’ve unconsciously known when you're in the right place… at the right time... possibly even right now.

    This could be defined as one variation of luck, right?

    Now in case you’re unfamiliar with my other audio programs, or if you’re not, a refresher on the responsibilities of your unconscious mind is in order. I believe a lot of this will automatically make sense to you – if not immediately, then later when you’re reminded of it in a particular situation, you can remember this all…

    The unconscious mind is in control of the autonomic nervous system. This control system functions below the level of conscious awareness and controls visceral functions such as your heart rate, digestion, salivation, perspiration, your pupillary light reflex which unconsciously responds to the intensity of light, and so on…

    Now, the unconscious mind also stores and organizes our memories; generates emotions; and, can repress memories and emotions with negative connotations. The unconscious mind is responsible for keeping you alive – as is undeniable by its role in maintaining your autonomic nervous system, right?

    So, this means more than just keeping you alive, your mind-body is designed to help you succeed in any environment. Failure to do this is a sign that
    an individual is out of rapport with his or her unconscious mind and the beautiful thing is – rapport can always be re-established. The unconscious mind responds through habit – so changing limiting habits is changing the way one responds - by design. The unconscious mind is also designed to continuously seek more – it easily becomes acclimated to most situations or experiences. It is symbolic; it takes everything personally; and, it can’t not process negatives – in the exact way that you can’t not think about a blue truck when I say, “Don’t think about a blue truck”.

    You’ve already done it…

    Now that you’re aware of this you might begin to understand how my other programs work to empower people to change habits and adapt the way their unconscious minds used to react to old circumstances in new and empowering ways… This means, that this program is going to help you create a heightened sense of awareness regarding the way you have processed information in the past that some people have attributed to luck or misfortune, and if you don’t believe in either, then you’re already ahead of the game.

    But, if you do, this just means you’re fortunate enough to be here at the right time and the right place to be reading about this program – perhaps it’s a synchronicity that might unfold into even greater possibilities when you take the next step?

    Either way, you can use this NLP mp3 / hypnosis mp3 download to create flexibility with the way that you interact with life's little surprises.

    Be amazing.

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