How Does Hypnosis Therapy Work For Most People?


Hypnosis is a trance-like state of mind that can be induced by another person. In this state of mind, the person undergoing hypnotherapy will be ready to accept the positive suggestions made by the person inducing hypnotic sleep. This process of induction of positive thoughts in the mind of another person can be used as an effective treatment mode to cure various psychological problems of men.

Hypnosis can be used for both entertainment and medical purposes. When it is used for therapeutic use, it is called hypnosis therapy. As many of us think hypnotic sleep cannot be induced in any person by a hypnotist. It requires total cooperation from the part of the subject of hypnotic treatment. The subject or the person who is undergoing the treatment should be ready to accept the commands from the hypnotist. Then only the hypnotist will be able to induce hypnotic sleep in the patient. In the trance-like state of mind induced during hypnosis therapy, the hypnotist will be able to communicate positive suggestions into the mind of the subject.

The subject will then act upon the suggestions given by the hypnotist that may ultimately help the subject to overcome the psychological problems of the subject. Most commonly hypnosis therapy is used for the purpose of controlling excessive smoking and drinking habits. It is also proved to be very effective to treat psychological problems such as fear, anxiety, tension, and depression in patients. Many people are making use of this mode of treatment to control excessive eating habit that leads to the problem of obesity.


Is Self-Hypnosis Therapy as Effective as Going to a Hypnotherapist for a Hypnosis Session?

Hypnosis therapy that reaches the subconscious mind of the patients will help them to plant new positive thoughts by eradicating all the negative feelings that prevent him from leading a normal life. Nowadays, people seek the help of a hypnotist to bring some positive changes in their life by changing the behavioral problems they suffer. The experts in this field state that it is possible to achieve this goal by using the techniques of hypnosis therapy if the subject is ready and willing to co-operate with the hypnotist.

Clinical studies held on the effect of hypnosis therapy on patients reveal that it can be used as an effective tool to reduce pain from diseases such as cancer and other chronic conditions in patients. Common hypnosis phases include preparation, induction, deepening, purpose ad awakening. At preparation stage, the hypnotist will prepare the subject by allowing him to take a comfortable position to make him involved in the process of therapy.

At the second stage, the subject or the client of the hypnotist will be taken to an enhanced stage of relaxation from normal awareness. The deepening stage will take the subject to a hypnotized state of mind. At the purpose stage of hypnotic treatment will provide his client with the positive suggestion that will help him to achieve his desire. In the last stage, he will be awakened from the hypnotic sleep.


What happens when using hypnosis in therapy to address problems?

A hypnotist makes use of various techniques of hypnosis therapy to treat a patient. The techniques that are commonly used by the hypnotists include relaxation technique, visualization method, suggestive method, meditation, acupuncture, bio-feedback and faith healing.

A good hypnotist should always be able to find out the right technique to be used on a patient. Hypnosis therapy is positively used by many people to resolve the problems like bed-wetting, to reduce addictions, lose weight and to control behavioral abnormalities. Scientists are conducting a lot of studies and researches on the effectiveness of hypnosis on a human being.

The results from these studies indicate that hypnosis therapy is more effective in persons with a particular state of mind or personality. The people who score 0-1 are the least viable persons to hypnotic therapy. He called them Apollonian. They will normally be very rational, inhibited and will not suspend critical judgment. Dionysian are the second category of persons who score four on the hypnotizability chart. These persons who act as the best candidate for hypnotic therapy are very imaginative, trusting and creative. Dionysian who score 5 or high are the persons who fall into a trance state of mind spontaneously.

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