Control Your Mental Imagery Using Creative Visualization Techniques for Mental Imagery

When you learn how to control your mental imagery using creative visualization techniques and this will change your overall effectiveness in life…

Creative visualization is directly related to personal success: the words we hear become the fabric of our internal landscapes; weaving together patterns that serve to either limit and disempower us or fill us with personal power, potential, and possibility. What is interesting is that outside of the field of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), the basic principles of how to visualize are simply not being taught. It is assumed that skilled artists, designers, engineers or entrepreneurs are innately gifted with unique mental imagery capacities; born this way without the need for visualization exercises. While this is a positive, confidence-instilling belief for those who effortlessly (and unconsciously) have no problem with creative visualization techniques – the rest of us seem to fumble about with blurry, obscure, and fading internal mental imagery.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Fortunately, success leaves behind it a trail of techniques, attitudes, mindsets and behaviors that can improve your creative visualizations… You can learn how to develop the visualization talents that just a few seem to be born with…

Visualization Exercises to Enhance Your Mental Imagery

The How to Visualize program is broken down into three specific contexts that include various creative visualization exercises. These mental visualization techniques will empower you to enhance your internal capacity to enrich your internal reality which in turn expresses itself through your work, art, performance and expression.

The three parts of the How to Visualize program are:
•    Self Awareness and the Five Senses – Creative visualization techniques designed to awaken and vivify how your mind perceives the information coming in through all of your sensory faculties.
•    The Visual Submodalities of Perception – Understand creative visualization techniques drawing specifically upon NLP perception models designed to encompass a full spectrum of mental processing and how this visualisation affects physiological and emotional states while changing the dynamics of mental imagery.
•    Time and Space Imagery – Visualization exercises to experience how creative perceptions of time and space affect the ways that information is coded into your mind-body while understanding how linguistically this also occurs in real life unconsciously during communication

Creative Visualization Techniques that Teach You How to Visualize

Across the board, it doesn’t matter if you want to transform your lifestyle, illustrate better, write in a way that expresses your true sentiments, dream bigger, move towards becoming a better athlete, or have the goal of creating a business now or someday in the future. I believe the keys to your success in nearly every endeavor happen in your mind first with the quality of your mental imagery and understanding how to visualize. Your ability to look upon these inner reflections of reality doesn’t have to be a hard, difficult process unless you don’t know where to begin. What is needed to learn how to visualize is similar to building a house: first, you lay a foundation; second, the framework; and from here the rest of it happens according to plan, but without the first two important steps the home envisioned will never be properly constructed. This is true for art, business, sports, relationships and any other endeavor worth experiencing at its best. Practice and perfect what you desire – your goals – in your mind’s eye and do not be surprised as it happens the way you perfected it because you’re using these creative methods and techniques. Now, the choice is yours to decide if you want to enhance your creative ability and seize control of your internal landscape.

Begin using the How to Visualize creative visualization techniques and visualization exercises to enhance your mental imagery.


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