More Than Just Personal Development Tips for Men – A Rite of Passage Based Upon the Hero’s Journey

The Hero’s Journey is an archetypal theme that can be applied to the life of any person. For men specifically, the Hero’s journey is more relevant now than ever before…


The Call  was originally based off of my grad school studies regarding men finding purpose in life by experiencing the monomyth – or what Joseph Campbell referred to as the Hero’s Journey.

Over 150 years ago, Henry David Thoreau wrote, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation…” It seems that more and more men are becoming disillusioned with the life that is most readily available to them today. However, instead of boldly championing a cause and pursuing something purposeful, many men have no primary life purpose. Even you as you are reading this now may not know how to change your life or even begin with this process. Personal development tips can only go so far… What is necessary, in my opinion, is an emotional experience – a rite of passage – that models the Hero’s Journey and applies it to the challenge of personal development for men.

Want to Know How to Change Your Life? Model the Hero’s Journey.

The Call is a program based specifically upon the Hero’s Journey Archetypes found in Joseph Campell’s literary work, The Hero With A Thousand Faces. Although this program is designed specifically for the Western male, it contains various experiences that will be compellingly powerful for men. If you have experienced a disempowering childhood, find that your parents still play a more powerful role in your life than you feel is healthy, or if you are coming out of a strongly dogmatic background with its roots in organized religion and you are looking for answers then I encourage you to consider this program.

More and more people are finding that the beliefs, experiences and values that shaped their upbringings did not prepare them to get what they want out of life. Whether that be with their careers, their intimate relationships, their social lives, their health, or spirituality – resolution is needed in order to move toward what you want in life.

A Rite of Passage Can Help a Man Discover His Life Purpose

Now you have a resource to guide you through the process of identifying and cutting away the old ties to the past while creating a future that is aligned with your goals and desires. It is no secret that more men than not live quiet lives of desperation; often wishing and hoping that something compelling enough would happen to push them out of the downward spiral of mediocrity in which they feel caught. This program will empower you to take the required steps for identifying a life purpose that is both compelling and meaningful.

Consider the state of affairs in the world today… Now more than ever, you are needed. Powerful, benevolent men who live purposefully and compassionately are what the world desperately desires.

Answer – The Call  – today and as you pass through the stages of the Hero’s Journey you will notice how everything changes.



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