How Will a Personal Growth Coach Help With Your Goals

Working with a personal growth coach can be one of the best ways to achieve elusive goals. The first thing you’ve got to determine is how realistic are your goals and whether or not you’ve achieved anything like that before. S.E.T. is an acronym for:

  • Specific – a goal must be precise and have quantifiable elements
  • Ecological – healthy for you and beneficial or neutral for others
  • Time-based – it must be accomplished within a time frame in order to create urgency

The way that you can learn how to stick to your goals is to set the up as objectives that you are moving towards. Away-from motives behind found in examples of personal development goals  like – “I don’t want to be overweight” can be effective but when overused then tend to generate a fear-based or even fight-or-flight response.

Use the carrot and the stick for goal achievement. Have a strong away-from motive and an even stronger towards motivation for achieving a goal…

Feeling motivated to do something because you don’t want a bad outcome is good in moderation, but consider the reward… What are the positives for moving forward and achieving your goal. This is what your personal growth coach should help you to discover while working on your personal development goals.

How the Fear of Failure Prevents People From Accomplishing Goals

I really appreciated what the author of this post wrote about the fear of failure from a personal development coaching perspective:

You most likely fear the consequences of what happens when you reach your goals.

The fear of failure goes:

“What happens if I fail? What happens when my big dream won’t come true? What if I just don’t have what it takes? How disappointed and worthless will I feel?”

And the other side, the fear of success goes:

“What happens if I succeed? How will my life change? Am I really ready for that? What new challenges will come to me? Do I really want all that?”

The problem with fear is that it’s coming from the unconscious “reptilian” brain. And that might be in conflict with our conscious goal-setting.

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Understand How to Stick to Your Goals

how to stick to your goals

Image by plnaugle via Flickr

SMART goals are another methodology for goal setting and provide more of a framework for understanding how to make goals stick. If you want to know how to stick to your goals, then follow these guidelines. Identify what you don’t want in your life because this is the easiest place to start. Then discover at least one outcome that is the complete opposite from what you don’t want. Then use SET or SMART goals to make these personal development goals specific. As you do this you will find that you’re on your way. If you need more insights and want to work with a personal growth coach then feel free to contact me today and schedule your first session.

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