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Advanced Sports Imagery for Athletes is a complete audio program comprised of two albums and 26 mp3 tracks designed specifically for athletes and those aspiring for peak performance. Advanced Sports Imagery will teach the listener ways to apply the the most powerful discoveries in applied sports psychology, guided imagery, NLP ( neuro-linguistic programming ) and sports hypnosis to develop mental toughness in sports. The Advanced Sports Imagery applied training program does require active participation in the sport psychology activities and it will train you to use sports imagery and self hypnosis for sports and peak performance.

Advanced Sports Imagery Involves Mental Toughness Training

Too many athletes are self-defeating; they've lost before the match or game begins because they are not mentally and emotionally prepared. Before competing, many athletes have already mentally conditioned themselves to lose instead of winning because they do not know how to manage their emotional state and control their mindsets. Logically speaking, it makes sense that the athlete who wants to win consistently will follow specific steps on the outside (physical outer game) and on the inside (mental and emotional inner game) to experience peak performance. This is how the right sports psychology and sports imagery training will work for you to enhance your game.

Mental Toughness Training for Athletes to Enhance Peak Performance in Sports

In the majority of sporting events, the emphasis seems to be placed upon outer game skill sets like endurance training, physical conditioning, and training techniques related to each specific sport. For many athletes, the inner game is more elusive as very few aspiring athletes have a clue that such a thing exists beyond having a "positive attitude" and good work ethic. Exceptional athletes develop inner game skills such as understanding their sport's specific rules, winning strategies, and the general psychology of their sport. The important element that fulfills the outer game skills and inner game mental and emotional resources is the athlete’s capability to change beliefs and control their emotions.

**** Coaches need this! b *breakaway* j

My high school wrestling coaches should have known this stuff. Whatever sport you play you've got to use this program. Listen it to it before your games before you go to sleep and when you wake up. So much of winning is in your mind!

Sports Hypnosis, NLP, Guided Imagery and Developing Mental Toughness in Sports

Top professional athletes around the world openly admit that their successes and failures begin and end in the mind. Having the foresight to plan ahead creates the opportunity to turn weaknesses into strengths. Doing this demands that an athlete pay attention to his or her internal representation (thoughts) and become capable of quickly reframing circumstances to create the positive outcome that is desired. For the athlete who wants to develop mental toughness, this is when sports hypnosis becomes an invaluable asset in their inner game tool set

When you put it all into perspective, Advanced Sports Imagery is a fraction of what the average person will spend on athletic gear for the upcoming season. In less than a couple of years, the gear that you purchased will go to the garbage or be given away. The major difference with Advanced Sports Imagery, is that these inner game skills that will help you win and perform your best will continue to empower you for the rest of your life.




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