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Advanced Sports Imagery for Athletes is a complete audio program comprised of two albums and 26 mp3 tracks designed specifically for athletes and those aspiring for peak performance. Advanced Sports Imagery will teach the listener ways to apply the the most powerful discoveries in applied sports psychology, guided imagery, NLP ( neuro-linguistic programming ) and sports hypnosis to develop mental toughness in sports. The Advanced Sports Imagery applied training program does require active participation in the sport psychology activities and it will train you to use sports imagery and self hypnosis for sports and peak performance.

Advanced Sports Imagery

Many athletes are self-defeating. Prior to a sports-related competition, more athletes than not have already prepared themselves to lose not win because they are not aware of the ways to do otherwise. Of course, it makes sense that if an athlete wants to win consistently there are important things to do on the outside (physically) and on the inside (mentally) to succeed, right? This is where sports psychology and sports imagery work for you – or against you if you have not mastered your internal game.

Mental Toughness Training to Enhance Peak Performance in Sports

In most sports, the majority of the emphasis is placed upon outer game skills such as physical conditioning, endurance training, and exercises related to a specific sport. The inner game is a bit more elusive. Exceptional athletes at every level tend to develop inner game skills like an understanding of the rules, strategies, and psychology of a specific sport. Yet, the most important element that completes the outer game and inner game skills is an athlete’s ability to change his or her beliefs and learn to control his or her emotions, mindset, and actions.

Sports Hypnosis and Developing Mental Toughness in Sports

Many of the best Olympic and professional athletes all over the world realize, and openly admit, that their successes begin and end in their minds. Planning ahead means having the opportunity to know oneself and turn weaknesses into strengths. This requires the ability to pay attention to one’s thoughts and understand how to quickly reframe a situation in order to create a positive outcome – by design. This is where sports hypnosis comes into play for developing mental toughness in sports.

Put it in perspective… this program is probably a fraction of what you’ve already spent on athletic gear for the season. And, here is the difference, in a year or two the gear that you have purchased will probably go into the garbage. However, the life skills that have helped you win will continue to improve and open doors for you for the rest of your life.

Change the way you compete today! Experience peak performance through this sports psychology, mental toughness training, sports hypnosis program!


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