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Want to Earn More Money, Get Executive Coaching

An organization is only as good as the executive level team, which is responsible for setting an example of the organization’s culture. Every hang up that those key players have is magnified across a business. At an executive level, those in control of an organization need more than just basic executive business coaching which mostly has to do with goal setting and reaching objectives. What I define as “true leadership” requires that an executive team, at an individual level, have perfect clarity when it comes to purpose, identity, and vision for the business. Understanding state management and and being able to effectively utilize emotional intelligence is what separates unsuccessful business people from successful executives.

Why the Best Business Coaching Services Include Emotional Intelligence

One of the pioneers in the field of NLP, Robert Dilts, outlines the importance of emotional intelligence within executive coaching in the following video. Emotional intelligence is what allows a successful leader to communicate both quantitatively and qualitatively with his or her employees. The question then is how does one increase one’s emotional intelligence?

How to Increase Emotional Intelligence with Executive Coaching

Executive coaching that focuses more upon an individual’s weak spots is necessary in order to increase emotional intelligence. It is not uncommon for other executive coaches to focus upon playing to one’s strengths, but I feel that emotional intelligence can be derived from examining one’s weaknesses and vulnerabilities. The factors involved in emotional intelligence are: body language, tonality, speech patterns, sympathy, and empathy. Basic NLP training can empower most executives to develop A high level of awareness when it comes to reading body language and listening for speech patterns as this is a technical part of neuro-linguistic programming. However, the ability to distinguish between and choose when to experience sympathy and empathy can often only be done when an individual has a high degree of self-awareness and has worked through his or her own Achilles’ heels. The ability to put yourself into another’s circumstances and perceive a situation through various perspectives increases an individuals emotional intelligence. In NLP-based executive coaching, this can be done through variety of different techniques including timeline imagery, perceptual positions, and re-imprinting.

When you consider the needs of your organization and how you are expected to help it reach specific goals and objectives – what you most likely do not need is business coaching to help you stay on track with those goals. Although procrastination and overwhelm can be an issue… but if they were a large issue you would most likely would not have reached the executive level anyways. What is needed is the ability to manage your emotional state, to have an expansive vision of the future, and the ability to lead with emotional intelligence. This is the difference that I can offer through my business coaching services and the executive coaching process I take my coaching clients through.

How Can Entrepreneurs Benefit From Business Coaching

As an entrepreneur, I realize that the expectations are quite different from those of an executive-level employee. I understand what it is like to begin a start a business from scratch. I also know what it is like to not know when the next paycheck is going to arrive. Instead of being a specialist within a certain context and a generalist in business, like an executive-level employee, an entrepreneur must be a specialist in every part of a business – even in cleaning toilets until you can afford to hire a janitor. From business plan development to website development to social media campaigns, I’ve learned how to do it all over the past decade.

An entrepreneur also needs emotional intelligence but more important is state management and the ability to deal with procrastination, rejection and overwhelm. These can be developed through small business coaching and you can gain the skills necessary to make consistent progress on a daily basis.

Take Control of Your Profession and Get Business Coaching Now

If you are interested in my business coaching services, then I encourage you to read more here: Business Coaching and contact me to schedule a time to discuss the options available to you.

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