July 16, 2013

Learn How to Study By Understanding the Science of Study

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science of study

What Happens in the Brain As You Learn? Learn How to Study By Understanding the Science of Study

Check out this awesome infographic of The Science of Study (full version). It is a great overview of how you can learn more effectively and refine your learning skills by understanding the science of study.

They outline how the creation of new neural pathways and synapse change. Sometimes just seeing the visual representation that is based in science creates a shift that in this case will help you become a better student.

Did You Ever Learn How to Study?

Here's the irony... Very few people are ever taught how to study, they are just expected know how to study. Often people begin learn things like:

Someone learns how to do math and this person learns that he or she hates math...

You see, we are learning how to do many things simultaneously. You have to learn to dislike homework. You have to learn how to have test anxiety. You have to learn how to have poor study habits...

Bottom line: you get what you focus upon. Until you understand how to change your behavioral response (perhaps better termed your "unconscious reaction") you're not going to experience better results.

Or, as you see in the Science of Study infographic that your mind begins to sort for the experiences that are the most congruent with synapse firing patterns you unconsciously activate the most. This is the process of learning and it is entirely unconscious. Essentially, what you want to learn to do is override your conscious mind and allow your unconscious to take over while learning so that you can enter what many people have referred to as a "flow state." When you learn how to enter a flow state you'll find it is much easier to accomplish tasks because you will in many ways be going on autopilot in order to learn. The greatest minds have used variations of this technique; mixing their research time with music and mind games that enhance the way the perceive information. Learning can be fun when you learn how to learn effectively.

Improve Your Study Skills and Learn How to Be A Better Student

Get the A+ Student 2.0 program to learn how to enhance your studies and understand how to improve your memory! It is free to install the app and get a better feel for how this program will improve your overall learning experience in life. Being a good learner isn't a gift or just something that some people naturally do - it is a specific process and skill set that you can develop over time as you learn how to study effectively and know how to become a better student. Understanding the science of study is one aspect - a logical, conscious mind process, but putting it all into action is a different process that utilizes your unconscious mind. The A+ Student 2.0 program will train your unconscious mind to better absorb study materials, get over test taking anxiety and help you develop powerful strategies for learning that will stay with you the rest of your life.




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Learning how to learn is one of the best skill sets you can ever develop...


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