July 27, 2013

Dealing with Anger? Start Using Anger Management Strategies for Releasing Anger

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Repressed Anger Will Destroy Your Health if You Don't Do Your Own Anger Management Therapy

When it comes to dealing with anger, you have a choice... even when it comes to extreme anger or rage.

I'm sure that an anger therapist or someone who does anger management therapy might disagree with me, but they have their own agenda and you're on my personal development site - not their's. When anger is experienced, it is my opinion that you aren't typically experiencing a unique, fresh episode of anger. Instead, it is a gestalt of anger. A hologram. Anger problems and repressed anger that has been building for years.

So, when you're dealing with anger, you're dealing with a life-full of events that have been building up.

Extreme Anger Has Its Place Your Life When You Aren't Proactively Dealing With Anger

If you aren't acknowledging and releasing anger when it arises, you are allowing it room to grow in your life. Repressed anger builds until the appropriate, justifiable situation (I'm sure you can reflect back on those times) triggers the anger release valve and BOOM you fly into a rage. Anger, like all emotions, is neither good nor bad. It is a source of energy that demands to be expressed just like the rest of the full spectrum of emotions.

You can effectively release anger using specific anger management strategies designed to move you through old blocks. Does this mean that you don't need anger management therapy? Only you can decide this for certain - if you believe you're really out of control and could hurt yourself or someone else, then you need professional help. If you are someone who likes to do it yourself, then you'll be fine, but if in doubt always consider your options.

In Less Than a Few Minutes You Can Start Your Own Anger Management For Releasing Anger

A scenario that I am personally familiar with and hear quite often from my personal development coaching clients takes one of two forms:

  • Frustration - you're angry about personal setbacks; trying to make changes and seemingly failing to overcome barriers to success
  • Overwhelm - you're angry about factors that are out of your control; politics, environment, society, culture, religions, the economy, etc.

This anger needs a way to be harnessed and utilized, and this is what the Applying Anger app and audio download will do for you. You can enter a state of mindfulness in which you can redirect that anger into the factors contributing to frustration and overwhelm; kinesthetically move this anger out of your body; and, begin to practice your own anger management strategies that will empower you to be in control and use those old anger problems as a source of energy. You can learn how to transform and direct anger when you experience it. In many ways, anger is like rocket fuel. If you misdirect it, it can explode, but when harnessed you can tap into this powerful energy and leverage it as you process anger out of your body in a healthy manner.

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