Meditation Techniques, Guided Imagery and Relaxation Music for Daily Inner Peace

“When you make every day sacred, you transform your potential and expectation of yourself…”

Every day is a brand-new start… This goes beyond an “emptying” zen-meditation technique and uses a different sort of mindfulness meditation techniques to help you place your focus on what really matters to you. There are plenty of guided meditation downloads available out there, but nothing like this at a price that is so inexpensive that it is great way to start your day.

Start Your Day Right is a guided meditation program that creates an excellent opportunity for you to reframe each morning. Wake up, roll over, and put on your headset and begin listening to these daily meditation techniques combined with relaxation music. You have another 20 minutes to doze and a wonderful opportunity to program your unconscious mind through guided meditation in preparation for the day ahead of you.

Guided Meditation to Enhance Your Daily Reflections

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“Been listening to this for almost a week. Every day I’m fired up!” – Philip

Never knowing what day might be your last, seize this opportunity by finding the energy that propels you forward; looking for opportunities to live life to its fullest. Focus on your ideal day and use these guided meditation techniques and guided imagery to bring it to life. Bring awareness and inner peace to your body to enhance your daily reflection. Be a daily inspiration to others as you seek to understand them and be compassionate.

Guided Imagery for Daily Inspiration

Start Your Day Right is a catalyst propelling you toward what is truly important and significant to your life and the lives of those you care about… This guided meditation with relaxation music will empower you to capture the moment on a daily basis, energize your self, and find new ways to inspire others with your compassion and self-awareness.

There are various approaches to guided visualization, but keep in mind that there is no right or wrong way of meditating. Ram Dass once wrote, “Sitting quietly with eyes closed is only one of many ways to meditate. People can meditate while dancing and chanting the names of God, while making a cup of tea, or during practically any activity…” Start Your Day Right is one way to begin making each day sacred.

Get it today and start tomorrow with your daily inspiration dose using the best meditation techniques and guided meditation.


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