NLP Techniques to Experience Emotional Freedom

One of the things that I’ve picked up over the years and that was refined while practicing various NLP techniques  is the utter importance of flexibility with one’s perspective on life.

Often people look for life coaches or personal development coaches who are certified hypnotherapists and/or practitioners of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) because to-date these communication models offer the greatest opportunities for a person to experience the sort of change they want. There are numerous NLP techniques to help people experience new heights of emotional freedom. For example NLP anchoring techniques can be used to associate specific contexts with various resourceful states. Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques such as disassociation can help to diminish emotions and bodily sensations while going through necessary tasks you don’t like but need to do (modal operator). Even though it isn’t NLP, EMT (the Emotional Freedom Technique or Emotional Freedom Tapping) can also be anchored into your nervous system. What you will learn in this post are NLP techniques anyone can use on a daily basis.

Thinking back, I can’t remember a time that someone told me that if I didn’t like to do something but was necessary that I could get out of my body to do it. Huh? That’s right. A great example could be the average marathon runners. I highly doubt that they are associated to their body – rather they’re probably off in their minds talking to themselves or caught up in their thoughts.

Understanding NLP Concepts of Dissociation and Association – Dissociated States and Associated States of Consciousness

They are dissociated.

So how could you use associated and dissociated states?

Here’s an example:

think of something you dislike doing, but its necessary. For me, housework. 🙂 What would it be like if you could float up out of your body and watch yourself doing what you have to do (housework) without any emotions attached to it. It just kind of happens and you watch yourself doing it.

This is a great state, but its probably not something you want to experience if you are giving a presentation or spending time with a loved one. You want to be fully engaged. Fully associated – looking through your eyes and vividly experiencing the moment through all of your sensory faculties. Completely present, responding in an effective manner, feeling completely grounded and full of enthusiasm, optimism, confidence… and the list goes on! 🙂

The Best NLP Technique for Emotional Freedom is to Dissociate Out of Problem States and Associate into Resource States

Now keep in mind, these are projection of future events or memories (past-oriented). Association and dissociation will help you take non-beneficial emotions out of a situation and put the beneficial emotions into the events so that you are the most effective. Its all about preparing for a situation. Sure, you can effectively do this while in the moment, but if you practice while not in a situation then you can effectively reframe an situation so that you have an opportunity to shape the outcome you desire.

This is largely what I do with my clients during our telephone or video coaching. Of course, I help by changing submodalities and anchoring synesthesias to effective triggers (if this sounds like gibberish then check out some of the other videos that explain these). Sometimes, by default, we learn to approach a situation by trying to make it the most manageable in the moment. Usually this was done out of fear or anxiety, but it can be changed.

Get Personal Development Coaching and Learn How to Use The Best NLP Techniques for Emotional Freedom

If you find yourself curious to know if I can help you improve an interaction or situation, definitely get in touch with me regarding personal development coaching sessions. I’m here to help you in all ways possible, including teaching you how to use the best NLP techniques on yourself.


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