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How to Study for Exams in a Way that Best Reduces Test Anxiety

Learning how to study for exams typically isn’t taught in a learning environment. By the time you reach high school, college or university you are expected to already know how to study and this is where many students struggle…

3 Test Taking Tips that Will Empower You to Get Better Grades

These important test taking tips will give you some insights into how to reduce test anxiety by changing your thought patterns and learning to control your physiology.

  • Test taking tip #1 – Test taking is state dependent. Everything in your studying / preparation environment affects how you take your test. Study in a manner that is closest to the actual exam scenario. (Find an empty classroom to study in…?)
  • Test taking tip #2 – Turn off your internal chatter and sympathetic response (fight or flight). Change how you breathe (inhale and exhale in a pattern 5 seconds in and 5 seconds out). Change your vision (go into peripheral vision and de-focus your eyes so that you can perceive the entire room out of the corners of each eye).
  • Test taking tip #3 – Identify a prominent kinesthetic center in your body that is associated with thoughts of taking a test (for many it is the stomach or chest). Notice if this location feels pleasant or unpleasant. Notice if it is closing or opening. Essentially this is your body’s built in “lie detector.” Most students can do their own exam stress relief by envisioning or imagining water flowing through that tense / closed location on their bodies. Breath into it, spin it in various directions, imagine smiling through this space on your body. I know it sounds strange, but this is one test taking tip that will help you change your physiological response to exam stress.

Use a Real Study Help Solution that Gives You Tools and Techniques to Manage Exam Stress

I recommend that you get the A+ Student 2.0 program to reduce exam stress and understand how to study for exams. It is free to install the MJE app and get a better feel for how this program will improve your overall learning experience in life. The test taking tips and techniques in the A+ Student 2.0 will help you better understand how to study for exams and eliminate exam stress. Take advantage of this program today and transform your results. You have this moment in time to enhance the ways you learn and this will stay with you for the rest of your life!





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