Lady Luck Isn’t Against You and The Problem Isn’t Bad Luck – It Is A Problem of An External Locus Of Control

Stop and take a deep breath… The world isn’t against you and it isn’t your fate to have bad luck. You now have a chance to create an internal locus of control…

Just Your Luck: Beginning to Change is about you reclaiming your self-autonomy and choosing to live in an empowering way that utilizes an internal locus of control. The term “locus of control” refers to what the individual perceives to be within his or her ability to change or affect. Too often, bad luck is associated with an external locus of control, meaning that certain factors are outside of ones ability to change or not affected by personal responsibility. On the other hand, the blessings of lady luck tend to rain down upon those people who assume an internal locus of control – taking personal responsibility for both pure luck and bad luck together. In this manner, you can become a responsible person sailing upon the winds of fate because the truth of the matter is that we never really know what is bad luck and what is good luck until we have a lot of hindsight; often, years of perspective…

A Responsible Person Doesn’t Have An External Locus of Control

One of my main points in this program is that you always have a choice as to how you are going to process and perceive information, events, circumstances and the way your life unfolds. As you choose to have an internal locus of control you are free to assign meaning to all of your experiences and take personal responsibility for your reactions to all of the chaos and uncertainty in the universe. In light of all of this, what if I can help you in a specific way, to pay attention to your unconscious mind? And, the signals that signal you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time – so that you’ll know when to get out of there by having the insight to quickly and quietly remove yourself. And, likewise, how you’ve unconsciously known when you’re in the right place… at the right time… possibly even right now.

This could be defined as one variation of pure luck, right?

Personal Responsibility Turns Any Situation Into One of Pure Luck

***** Magical
“Wow! I was told about this by a friend and didn’t know what to expect. After just listening to 3 minutes I was truly engaged and inspired. Michael has a very soothing voice, and the background music was soft and appealing. The visualization exercise in this mp3 is really easy and effective. I don’t know what it is, but something shifted inside me after just one listen. I plan on listening to this mp3 again.” – Kindred

Just Your Luck: Beginning to Change is going to help you create a heightened sense of awareness regarding the way you have processed information in the past – in ways that some people have attributed to bad luck, good luck, lady luck, fate or misfortune. You can stop worrying about the causes of bad luck and place your focus on leveraging every experience that comes your way as a gift from the universe. With such a perspective you will be unstoppable and able to use any circumstance to your benefit.

Interact with life’s little surprises with a new sense of personal responsibility, remove bad luck, and take control of your emotional state and mindset by harnessing an internal locus of control today.


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