Understand How to Meditate Using Chakra Meditation Techniques and Guided Meditation

When you’re ready to experience inner peace, stress relief and a sense of connectedness then learn how to meditate…

The psychologist, Carl Jung, first used the phrase transpersonal unconscious as another way to describe the theory of the collective unconscious (the shared, intuitive knowledge shared by human beings). The term transpersonal means going beyond or transcending the bounds of ego. It can describe a state of oneness or nothingness as in the absence of preconception or senses that is experienced when one is learning how to meditate. Many people notice that their meditation practice is enhanced using Zen meditation music, Japanese meditation music, or spiritual meditation music.

Often, individuals who have these experiences recount that the experience was simply and profoundly beyond words as language serves only to limit an experience that is timeless, spaceless, and outside of ego function (the perception of the personal “I”). The term chakra is Sanskrit word that translates into “wheel”. In following chakra meditation techniques, a chakra is considered to be a center of activity that receives and expresses life force energy. From a scientific perspective, a chakra is a center of bioenergetic activity emanating from the major nerve ganglia branching forward from the spinal column. During this chakra meditation, focusing upon these chakra centers will serve as a filter for you to bring awareness to elements of your humanity that are more often than not are largely outside of your conscious awareness.

Stress Relief Meditation Relaxation Techniques for Inner Peace and Self Awareness

“we are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” ~ Teilhard de Chardin

As you begin to integrate the meditation techniques in the Transpersonal Meditation program you may also find that it is much easier to experience stress relief as you listen to meditation music and follow the chakra meditation process. Increasing your sense of inner peace and self awareness are natural results when you take the steps in learning how to successfully meditate by following this guided meditation. For many, guided meditation is the best – and safest – stress relief idea…

Experience the Benefits of Meditation Beyond Mindfulness

It could be said that understanding how to meditate is about accepting the experience that occurs and allowing it to fade away. Simply observing self while the meditation music and those “how to meditate” steps fade away into the background as your consciousness experiences the transpersonal… As you practice with this meditation you will experience much more than just inner peace and stress relief –  you will find that you have the ability to transcend your ego.

Learn how to meditate today and experience the benefits of meditation as you participate in this chakra meditation.



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